The Episode starts with Soumya and Harman hugging each other. She asks him to talk to Harak Singh once. He refuses. Chameli tells Saya that don’t know why Soumya’s life is always in trouble. Saya says just because she is different from others, but Harman and we all are with her. Saya says you can’t cheer her up and says I don’t think that Soumya can forgive her mum’s killer. Saya says this is the difference between Soumya and you. She says you wants revenge, but she knows forgiveness. Shanno asks Veeran if he is really real brother of Harak Singh who is taking Preeto to Darjeeling. Veeran says he is feeling bad of Preeto as this time she will be alone on her birthday. Harak Singh and Mohini are leaving. Mohini says she has the best of feelings. Harak Singh asks are you happy. Mohini says we are

going on a family outing and tells Shanno that she will bring tea leaves for her, and says bye to Raavi. Preeto looks on. Soumya stops them and comes infront of them. Mohini asks if she is mad. Harak Singh says she is inauspicious and asks when will you mend your ways. Soumya says Papa…don’t leave mummy ji this way and asks what you are doing? Harak Singh says this is my bag and we are going to celebrate Mohini’s birthday. He asks her to back off and says we are going. Soumya says Harman told me that Preeto has stitched all your kurtas with her hand and asks what you are gifting her in return. She says you are spoiling relations.

Mohini says that’s why I thought why kurtas are old fashioned and asks him to change his look, and wears jeans and tshirt. Harak Singh says you are making me embarrassed He says we will buy clothes of your choice in the hill station. Soumya asks Harman to stop him. Harman says he forgot his age and limitations. She goes to Preeto and asks her to make him understand. Preeto says my husband found his future and happiness in a second woman, and says he can go wherever he wants. She says who can stop him, let him go. Mohini says we are getting late, I don’t want to miss the flight. Harak Singh they have no work and asks her to come. Soumya tries to stop him, but Harman stops her. Preeto asks Soumya to come and says I will explain you. They take her to kinnars’ home. Harman says we thought to inform everyone and invites Surbhi, Nani and their family, and also Saya and her kinnar clan. He says we will tell everyone that Soumya is a kinnar and we are not affected with this truth.

Preeto holds her hand and says tomorrow on my birthday, Soumya will have a new birth. Soumya gets emotional and cries. Harman asks if she is not happy. Soumya says she is happy, as she will get a new identity and happiness, and says for this mummy ji have to bear pain. Preeto says when a child is born, a mother feels pain and when she holds her baby, she forgets all the pain. Soumya hugs her. Nani says Mallika and my dream came true, you took place of Nimmi in Soumya’s life, she is now your daughter. Soumya gets emotional and feels happiness. She says she will have new identity, but a fear is bothering her. Saya thanks Mata Rani for making Soumya’s family accept her and says she is very grateful to Harman and Preeto, and also you…She asks her to keep her life blessed. Surbhi tells Nani that Soumya’s life will have a new beginning. Preeto assigns work to Harman and says she will call halwai. She asks him to sleep. Harman hugs her and says you are world’s best mother. Preeto says you are best son and Soumya is best bahu. Harman asks her to apply mehendi to her hands and says she will be happy.

Soumya thinks about tomorrow. Harman comes there. Soumya says we will celebrate Preeto’s birthday with all family members. Harman agrees and says we will do something. He goes to Veeran’s room and tells him that they want to wish preeto at 12. Veeran says he thought the same. Shanno says we can’t come, as if Harak Singh comes to know then he will kick them out. Harman says we will ask Raavi and Balwinder. Preeto hears them. Harman goes to Raavi and asks her to come and make arrangements for surprise. Raavi says she showed me my place and says she don’t want to be part of her party. Soumya says how can they do this and says she will talk to everyone. Harman says Preeto did so much for them and now they are showing their true colors with the fear of Harak Singh. He asks her not to knock anyone’s door now. Soumya thinks it is good that Preeto haven’t seen this. Preeto thinks I knew that my family members heart is black and it is good that our illusion is broken.

Harman tells guests that his wife is Kinnar and he accepts her. Guests tell that a kinnar can’t be wife and bahu and says they will throw all of the family out of the village.