Outside the room, Harman was curt and wonders when Suomya would understand. She comes to speak to Harman about Preeto’s birthday planning. Harman likes the idea. Suomya suggest about leaving at 11, Harman agrees. At 11, Harman wakes Preeto and blindfolds hers. Preeto was worried. Harman tells Preeto it’s her daughter in law’s plan. They take Preeto outside into the hall. They bring Preeto out of the car. Suomya asks her to carefully walk inside. Surbhi opens the door. They untie the blindfold and Preeta was shocked to see her. Surbhi silently holds her hand to take her inside. The hall was decorated and the kinners shout a surprise! Nani brings a homemade cake for Preeto, saying she always prepared such cakes for Suomya and Surbhi. Preeta gets emotional while cutting the cake. Everyone sings for her.

Malika interrupts the kinners as it’s not the way of clapping on a birthday celebration. Preeto says they are the best people, and no matter how they clap it’s acceptable for her. Even her family didn’t consider so much for her. Chotu asks them to cut the cake now.
Late at night, Harman, Suomya and Preeta return. Chotu was sleepy, Harman sends Suomya to put him to sleep in their room. Preeto was thoughtful that the future life might be tougher than this one. Harman must be ready for this. Harman says, there is a woman behind every successful man; and he has got two in his life-Preeta and Suomya. Nothing can be ruined until they are together.
Harman and Suomya come downstairs to a grand party. Harman speaks in the gathering, he wants to share his wife’s reality with all of them, with a hope that they accept her. The truth is, his wife Suomya is a kinner. There was silence all around the hall, people of the village weren’t ready to accept a kinner as a daughter in law or a wife. They were not ready to accept Suomya or their marriage. One of them orders to beat this kinner and the others as well. Suomya wakes up from the nightmare, shivering out of fear. It was a dream. Suomya hugs Harman who wonders why she is so afraid. Suomya says when they tell everyone about her reality, the villagers… Harman assures nothing will happen to her. Tomorrow is the day, when her dream about her self-recognition will be accomplished. They will now be able to make their dream of being together always, come true. Harman asks why can’t she see that he and Preeto stood beside her, and they are enough for defend her. He reads her some poetry to help her sleep.
The next morning, Preeto had called some workers for decoration of the house for her birthday. She watches Suomya come downstairs and takes her along. In the room, Preeta gifts Suomya the jewelry she had given; as its actually Suomya’s new birth. Harman brings her dress and sends her to try it. Preeto goes to bring henna for Suomya. Harman tells Suomya to go and wear the dress. Suomya says she fears of going mad after all this happiness together. Harman says he is already mad after her, if she goes crazy they will dance together. He holds her closely and dances with her. Suomya reads his poetry to him, saying he also belongs to her.

PRECAP: Harman announces his wife Suomya is a kinner… Harman Singh brings a divorce paper for Preeto interrupting Harman’s announcement.