The Episode starts with Chintu telling about the party. Kinnars tell that they will attend party for the first time. Kareena taunts. Saya says whoever wants to come, can come. Saya and others come to the party. Raavi asks what they have been doing here and says she will call Harak Singh. Harman tells her that Harak Singh might be busy partying now and asks Raavi if she can’t be at peace until she complains to him. He asks her not to insult her guests. Neighbors ask if kinnars are attending party also and asks who called them. Preeto says I called them, they are my guests. Guest woman says we don’t hope this from you and asks everyone to come. Harman stops them and says he has a strong motive to call them. He holds Soumya’s hand and says he loves his wife very much, who is his lover, friend, life etc.

Neighbor says we know your love story. Harman says you have been always asking why we are connected with kinnars, why did I and my mum stayed in their house. He says my wife Soumya is a ki…

Just then Harak Singh comes and says your wife gave place to kinnars in her heart as they taught him to play dhol. Guests greet him. Harak Singh says today is Preeto’s birthday.

He asks guests to give him 10 mins and says he will make kinnars go. Preeto asks them to let Harman complete his talk. Guest woman says she can’t tolerate kinnars and go outside. Harman tells Harak Singh that they won’t be quiet. Preeto says we are not afraid of society or you, and will go to their house and tell them. Harak Singh asks Veeran to close the door and gives some papers to Preeto. He asks Preeto to strengthen her heart so that he can make his wife wear the necklace which he is holding in his hand. Preeto asks what is written in it. Harak Singh says it is a divorce papers. Harman grabs his collar and asks how dare you to give divorce papers to my mum. Harak Singh gives them 10 mins time to decide. Preeto chooses divorce rather than hiding Soumya’s truth, but Soumya stops her.

Preeto says she will have benefitted if she signs on the papers. Soumya says I can’t make my identity by ruining your relation. She says she can stay all life as Harman’s wife and your bahu. Preeto says if we couldn’t tell them then we can never tell them and asks her to understand. Soumya says she don’t want this new birth, but wants her and papa ji’s relation intact. Preeto asks Harman to go and tell them, but Soumya stops him and gives her promise.

Preeto asks Soumya not to stop her from doing penance. Soumya says she can’t live her life if she divorces Harak Singh. Preeto asks Harman to go. Harman says Preeto is right. Soumya says if you brings my truth infront of everyone then I will break relation with you all.

Preeto talks to Soumya. Soumya promises Harak Singh that nobody will tell anyone about her identity, but he has to give respect and rights to Preeto back