Harman murmurs something.Preeto asks Soumya to call Varun to take Harman home.When Varun doesn’t pick the call,Preeto and Soumya also sleep there.In the morning Harman sees them,gets upset and leaves.
Raveena and Kareena fume.Saya confronts them.Kareena phone rings.

Mohini and Shanno having conversation.Chintu is listening from upstairs.Harman returns and goes to room. When Preeto and Soumya return Mohini argues.Harak comes and shouts.Harman confronts.Soumya says stop arguing.Harak insists.

Soumya swears on Harman that both mother and son won’t reveal her identity.This hurts and shocks Harman.He leaves.Soumya puts condition about preeto getting respect.Harak agrees.Preeto asks Mohini to make tea.Soumya reminds of conditionHarak asks Mohini to make tea.

PRECAP-A man calls Soumya and blackmails her to tell her kinnar truth to everyone else she has to lose Harman.