The Episode starts with Soumya coming to Harman. Harman says you might be feeling happy now, by doing what you wants and asks her to tie him. He says I will tell people what I want. Soumya says idea is not bad. Harman asks which idea? Soumya says rope idea, and says you shall be tied with iron and locked. Harman says it is not a joke and asks her to do her work. Soumya says I said your idea is good. Preeto asks why so much time is taken to bring tea for her. Shanno brings tea. Preeto asks her to taste. Raavi says hatred might be mixed in it. Preeto says she is habitual to have hatred. Mohini serves tea to others. Preeto brings tea for Harman and Soumya, and asks him to drink and check. She signs Soumya and goes. Soumya picks the tea cup and asks Harman to drink. Harman is upset. Soumya talks via tea cup

and says it is hot like your anger.

Harak Singh tells Mohini that he is going for important work and asks her to give flying kiss. Mohini gives him flying kiss and thinks she has become servant in the house because of kinnar bahu and saas. Soumya asks Harman to drink it and says my tea is cold now. Harman asks her to drink her tea ad refuses. Tea falls down on Soumya’s hand. Harman cares for her hand. Soumya says do you hear me anytime. Harman says I will apply medicine. Soumya says you are angry. Harman says sorry. Soumya asks him to take care of her. Harman applies ointment on her head. Tu hi mera khuda plays… Chintu comes and asks him to help him. Soumya asks him to go. Harman goes. Soumya thinks Harman is still chidish.

Harak Singh comes to meet Maninder and asks why did you call me. Maninder says I came to congratulates you. He says I understand your fear and says you played the game rightly. Preeto says truth needs to come out. Surbhi says we need to be together. Maninder says we need to be together and support each other to keep Soumya’s truth hidden.
Harman and Chintu are playing. Mohini comes there. Chintu asks her to throw the ball. Mohini goes inside angrily. Chintu picks his ball and thinks don’t know from where these people go. Harak singh calls Mohini and sees her coming home upset. He asks where did you go? Mohini says she went for some important work and says she was planning surprise for him. Harak Singh says ok. Raavi and Shanno come. Mohini says lets have something. Shanno says nothing is cooked. Raavi says I am not a servant to make food. Shanno says I can’t make food alone. Harak Singh asks what do you mean? Shanno says all women have to make their own food. Harman asks Raavi to make food. Raavi refuses. Soumya says we will make food for ourselves. She asks Preeto to come. Preeto signs yes.

Harman, Soumya and Preeto are in the kitchen. Harman reminisces old memories and asks her to make Pulao. Preeto reminisces Harman telling that Soumya’s pulao was good and asks them to make Pulao. Harman says I have good idea and asks them to keep rice together and make together. Preeto and Soumya smiles. Shanno looks at them from outside. Preeto says she will have food with Chintu and asks Soumya and Harman to eat together. Harman holds Soumya’s hand and kisses on her hand. Mohini sees him and says he is kissing a kinnar, and says Harak Singh gave birth to such man. Harman and Soumya smiles.

Soumya gets a blackmailer’s call who asks her to tell the truth to everyone else. He shouts in air. Soumya gets shocked.