Shani 17th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Dhamini Curses Shani

|| Life will have a mix of happiness and pain. Shani teaches that one has a chance to learn something in every situation. It is best to gain something good out of all our problems. ||

Shani asks Dhamini if she feels he is inauspicious for her after knowing his truth. Devi Chhaya looks at Shani who nods assuringly at her. She does their tilak next and welcomes them inside. Nothing goes wrong this time when Shani and Dhamini step inside together. Surya Dev seconds Shani. We should focus on our karmas instead of thinking about auspicious and inauspicious. You are now a part of Surya family. We are here to support you. There is no need to worry anymore. Yami takes Dhamini with her. Mata was eager to make her DIL this work. They all go together. Shani looks pointedly at Devraj but he walks away upset.


says I wish I could have given Shani an answer then and there itself! I will make him so weak that he will regret becoming my enemy. Mangal is looking at broken pieces of gems which irks Devraj. You are not paying heed to what I am saying. Mangal says what you feel is useless will appear to be important in some time. Devraj leaves it on him to decide what he will do. I will go and inform everyone about Mangal Dosha on Dhamini. Mangal advises him not to act foolish. This will work only when the couple will spend more and more time together. If you tell Dhamini this then she will maintain distance from Shani. I expect Shani will not be telling her anything. Surya-putra Shani’s wife will now become the reason of his doom.

Brahma Dev remarks that Mangal does not realise that his Dosha will eventually affect entire world. We will be left with no option.

Devi Chhaya tells Dhamini that she always dreamt of showing Surya palace to her DIL. I would think of her as my daughter. Yami asks her if she is done. Mata will never show or say it but it is true that she loves Shani as much as she loves me and Yam. She is relieved now that you are Shani’s wife. Devi Chhaya takes Dhamini to their house temple. All the ladies join hands for puja. Devi Chhaya gives her a flower. You will also pray here from now onwards. All your wishes will come true if you will pray with an honest heart. Try it. Dhamini prays to finish all the differences between Mata and Shani. Devi Chhaya is taken aback. I told you to ask something for yourself. Dhamini reminds her of the night she sung lullaby for her. I understood the depth of your and Shani’s relation that every moment. My happiness lies in your happiness only. Devi Chhaya leaves. Dhamini asks Yami if she said anything wrong. Yami denies. Dhamini cannot understand why Mata left suddenly. Yami shares that people go quiet when they suddenly get something they wanted to but dint expect to. I have always seen Mata pray that the happiness of our family returns whenever the DIL of our family will come. You have come here now. It’s as if God has heard our prayers. Forget all this. You should be with Shani right now. Take some rest.

Devraj blocks Dhamini’s way in the corridor. Congratulations for becoming Shani’s wife. He gifts her small pot filled with broken pieces of gems. I want that you and Shani stay happy together. She is sure his happy words are hiding some evil plan. I will still accept your wishes and gift as your gift. Devraj smiles. Flashback shows Mangal explaining to him about the gift. Devraj points out that these gems are broken. Mangal points out that they bring negativity. It will add on to Dhamini’s anger. Your work is to give it to Dhamini anyhow. Flashback ends. Dhamini holds her head feeling dizzy the moment she holds the pot. Devraj thinks Shani’s destruction starts now.

Dhamini comes to Shani’s room. It is beautifully decorated. Shani is looking out of the window. Mangal is doing some yagya. The gems cast an effect on Dhamini immediately. She calls out to Shani but he is lost in thoughts. This makes her angry yet she calls his name again. Shani is thinking about Mangal Dosha in Dhamini’s life. It will affect me too. How will it happen though? Her karmas will surely have some effect on me. I should experience / feel them but I do not know anything about them. Why is it so?

Dhamini notices Shani still standing with his back to her. She starts talking to him. A new sun will rise in our life after tonight. First night brings a change in the life of husband and wife. It gives a new direction to their life. The gems shine again. She is unhappy seeing him not reacting but continues talking to Shani. Can you hear what my heart is trying to tell you? We have seen many ups and downs yet we are still together. It is very important. We will now become each other’s strength. Till now you have protected me always but from now onwards I will become your shield. I do not worry about my safety anymore as I am your wife now. I am sure you will protect me always.

Mangal says Shani brings everyone on the right path because of their karmas only. Now I will bring you on the path to destruction! Devraj looks on as he does his yagya.

Dhamini says I always felt that you don’t understand me at all. I was wrong though. You always knew what was right or wrong for me. I got scared during Grah-pravesh but you handled me well. Now I will only do my karma. Shani is still lost in thoughts. She asks him why he is still quiet. You can tell me if you still have some doubt in your mind. We will solve it together. Shani decides to never tell her about Mangal Dosha on her. I will have to do it all myself. She asks him why he isn’t replying. He tells her to stop. We must analyse our karmas once again before doing / saying anything further. It might not be as you think it to be. She recalls him telling her that they can never love each other.

Mangal is still doing yagya.

Dhamini thinks Shani might not love me but I will make him fall for me eventually. She takes a step towards him. I know you follow the path of detachment but it is the first night tonight. I expect little surrender from you as all the girls in the world are eager to see love in the eyes of their husbands. When a woman dedicates herself to her lover, she expresses her love by her dress up, ornaments, etc. This is my love for you. He tells her to stop. I don’t love you. I told you this long ago. You might have to face bad consequences of expecting me to love you. She looks angry.

A blast happens in the yagya.

Dhamini calls Shani heartless. You dint even look at me once. Instead of choosing to love me, you feel our love can bring bad consequences? You will have to face me! You will have to bear your karamfal. He turns to speak but she holds out her hand for him. I decided to marry you even after knowing that you do not love me. You said respect is the base of our relation. I believed that Shani will never disrespect me. I was wrong though. There cannot be a bigger insult for a woman than this. Her husband will not even look at her once during the wedding night? She does not let him talk. You explained the meaning of wedding to me. I will support whatever will happen in your life. You separated me from you instead of letting me share your thoughts with me. Is this your karma?

Another blast happens.

Dhamini says I never thought our married life will begin this way. I thought our thoughts will become similar after wedding but it dint happen. I was disrespected on the first night itself! I promised myself you will always look at me after wedding even if you don’t love me. If that does not happen then I wont let you look at anyone else! I curse you that after today whosoever you will look directly at will be destroyed!

Precap: Shani got cursed from his wife. Mangal’s curse / revenge is also complete. Devraj decides to insult Dhamini again. Will cursed Shani be able to protect his wife?