Shani 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Devraj Gets Punished From Tridev

|| For every karma we do, we get karamfal in return. Shani teaches that all the good deeds and bad deeds done by us bring our karamfal sooner or later. ||

Dhamini says I know you cannot free Shani from this curse. I accepted it but you are saviours of fate. Why did you keep quiet when a woman’s satitva was at stake? Indra Dev might have crossed his limits if my husband had not come on the right time that day! Why did none of you take it seriously? She cries. I ask you Narayan. A newlywed couple are addressed as Lakshmi Narayan. A new bride is called Devi Lakshmi. Why did it happen to me then? She asks Brahma Dev if she did not deserve this much help in return of the devotion she has shown for his wife. You are all quiet. Remain quiet only! She next turns to Mahadev. Your wife Mahakali blessed Shani

with the boon that he will get a wife who will take him to great heights but was it not your responsibility to respect her boon when it came true? Why are you all quiet? Answer me!

Devraj asks Mangal what he is up to. Mangal says it is the preparation of my next Dosha. This time it will affect Dhamini. She feels her Dosha wont affect Shani if she will stay away from Shani in Gandharva Loka. She does not know that we have many chances to affect Dhamini now that she is away from Shani. You couldn’t succeed in your plan last night but this has left her shaken. I plan to make her lose her mental stability after what I will do now! Fear, disrespect, insult, all these can even force her to kill herself! Devraj is thrilled to hear it. Mangal and Devraj decide to hide away somewhere when it comes true. Mangal starts his yagya.

Dhamini asks Tridev why they are still quiet. Shani points out that they were waiting for her to invoke their presence / interference only. She looks at him puzzled. He explains that her anger towards Tridev and all her logics are justified. You must understand that there was a very important reason for them not intervening in this act. They dint ignore what Indra Dev did. They instead gave him a chance to Indra Dev to rectify his mistake. Even their patience broke seeing that incident. It is time to punish Indra Dev now. Mahadev seconds him. We were waiting for the right time when Indra Dev will not be able to escape from his punishment.

Mahadev summons Indra Dev. You have previously also tried to misbehave with Dhamini. Not just Shani but we also gave you a chance to rectify your mistake but you still did not stop yourself from insulting her or maligning her dignity. You continued to misuse your position as Devraj. A king is made a king so he can look after everyone but you have messed it all up badly! We punish you that even after being Devraj, you would still not be treated as a God! You will never be respected as a God. Devraj thinks if he goes against their decision this time then they might punish him more badly. He acts to apologize to them and to Dhamini and Shani too. Shani tells him that Tridev have announced their decision. Your act wont lessen your punishment in any way. You may leave. Devraj takes leave from Tridev.

Mahadev tells Shani he cannot take the curse or the Mangal Dosha back from Dhamini’s kundli but he can surely punish Mangal. Shani requests him against it. Don’t make his karamfal easier by doing so. Mahadev agrees. Good deeds can turn one’s karamfal into good while bad deeds bring bad karamfal. Who can understand the importance of karma more than you in the world? Shani folds his hand in gratitude. They hear some strange sounds. Shani advises Dhamini to stay put. She asks him why. He says it is time when Mangal should get to know the effect of my Drishti.

Brahma Dev deduces that Mangal is trying to affect the lagan house in Dhamini’s kundli. Mahadev nods. It governs our minds and thoughts. This is what he is trying to achieve. Narayan points out that Shani wont let anything like that happen this time.

Shani shifts the position of mirrors in the room. Dhamini begins to feel dizzy.

Mangal says with this last aahuti, my Dosha will make you succumb to me. You will then spend your remaining life in fear.

Dhamini is about to fall when Shani holds her. He tells her to be patient. Mangal is going to attack you again. I know how to protect you from this attack. She sits down. Shani adjusts the mirrors in the room. His Drishti passes onto all the 4 mirrors and creates a shield around them. Dhamini gets concerned for him but he shifts, not letting his Drishti affect him in any way.

Mangal gives the last aahuti and smiles.

Dhamini looks at herself in the mirror.

Mangal does not get the desired result and shouts Shani’s name angrily.

Shani smiles.

Mahadev smiles. Brahma Dev asks Mahadev how Mangal could not affect Dhamini this time. Mahadev says he got Maarak Drishti as a result of the curse and that is how he could save his wife. Narayan says you were right. One can anytime turn a curse into blessing with the help of his karma and vice versa. Brahma Dev feels this is still not a permanent solution to the problem.

Shani tells Dhamini it will work for a limited time. Dhamini knows Mangal wont sit at peace. Shani says I stopped Tridev from punishing Mangal as now I will punish him myself. Either the chapter of Mangal Dosha will end for forever today or he will be finished! Dhamini says you could kill Indra Dev with your Drishti and knew that he will get his due karamfal soon. Does it also not apply to Mangal then? Shani denies. I was quiet last time as it affected me but this time he crossed all his limits by targeting you! I will punish him myself to put an end to all this! This is Mangal’s karamfal. He walks out of the room.

Mangal is in disbelief. How did Shani save Dhamini form my attack? Devraj comes there. Mangal asks him if everything is fine. Devraj advises him to leave right away. Shani is surely up to something big! Shani reaches Indra Loka. The guards try to stop him but fail. Their weapons melt down because of his Drishti.

Devraj says we were mistaken. Dhamini’s curse has made him stronger. He was waiting for the right time which he got today because of Tridev. I got my punishment already. You will be his next target.

Shani defeats all the soldiers.

Mangal realises there is one place where Shani wont be able to reach them. Even if he reaches then he wont be able to affect me. I will attack Dhamini from there only. He disappears. Shani enters just then. Devraj looks at him.

Precap: Dhamini says I have understood what I should do. We will fight against Mangal tomorrow. mangal conitnus his yagya. Dhamini will very soon begin to lose her mental balance. Dhamini shouts Shani’s name as she passes out.