Shani 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Shani Brings Nav-Graha’s To Lanka

|| Our karmas are karamfal are related. Shani teaches that we certainly get the karamfal of our good or bad deeds at the right time. ||

Devraj leaves it on the remaining Gods to choose / decide as per their wish. Only one planet is enough to be on my side whereas I have 3 planets with me!

Ravan is angry. Shani should have reached here by now. Seems like he needs encouragement. There is only one person who can do that for me. He shouts Rahu’s name who appears there just then. Rahu is asked to tell Shani he has very less time. If he fails to bring Nav-graha’s before me by sunset, he will have to come to Lanka to see his wife for the last time. Rahu leaves.

Devraj tells Rahu it is good news. It is great that Dhamini will be finished. This started because of her only. I had to bear

so much pain and insults because of her only. Her death will give me so much peace. With that, Ravan will also finish Shani for not being able to take Nav-graha’s with him to Lanka. Shani tells him to save himself first. Devraj is about to retort when Shani reminds him of his Maarak Drishti. It is neither the time to use it nor the right time to tackle you. He ties Devraj Indra and Rahu leaving no time. Surya Dev advises Shani to hury up. It is time for me to set. You will have to bring Mangal, Ketu and Chandra before sunset time.

Narayan says it is certain that Shani will take all the Nav-graha’s before Ravan. The challenge is if that happens then Ravan’s kid will be undefeatable. Even we wont have an answer to that power. Mahadev says Shani’s justice and his karma take form Shanay-Shanay. Shani is helpless right now because of Dhamini but there is another truth. Even Ravan cannot escape his destiny. It is important to complete this cycle for the same. Shani will surely find a way to punish Ravan for his misdeeds later on.

Mangal, Ketu and Chandra are running. Shani warns Chandra Dev to return or he will have to attack him. Chandra Dev does not relent. Shani uses his powers on them. Mangal suggests bringing their energies together so as to save themselves from Shani. Chandra Dev and Ketu agree but they are caught by Shani before that. Mangal tells Shani this isn’t right but Shani replies that they would know the right and wrong soon. He pulls them to him. Shani gathers all the planets together. He tells Devraj that all the planets must face Ravan. Be ready to face your Karamfal now.

Ravan is tired of waiting for Shani. I gave you so many chances and ample time. Now you wont even get a chance to see your wife for the last time. He shouts Dhamini. Shani enters just then. Shani neither breaks his promise nor the time given. Ravan laughs seeing him bring in all the Nav-graha’s with him. Finally you are here! I forced you to bring them here. I am Ravan! Even Mahadev cannot stop me once I make up my mind! You had to do it but you are lucky to complete it in time or your wife! Shani says we both know you cannot harm her even if you wish to. Let’s not waste time. Tell us what you want from us. What’s your motive? Ravan shares that he wants all the planets to stay in the house of moksha in the kundli till his son is born. You will stay in Lanka as my captives till then. Shani asks him to free Dhamini before that. Ravan says I never thought you will be such a fool. You thought I will free Dhamini? No! Now you and Dhamini will stay here in Lanka as my captives! I can do one mercy for you though. I can save Dhamini from dying. He sends a ball of energy towards Dhamini. He next tells Shani Dhamini is fine now. If you don’t want her to be in any pain then follow my orders! Shani looks at the kundli.

Mahadev says the one who is bound by his karmachakra is trying to determine his destiny. With this, Ravan’s doom begins!

Ravan sends all the planets in the kundli one by one. Shani is the last one. Ravan tells him to enter inside the 12th house of kundli. Shani does as told.

Inside the 12th house, all the planets look around. Surya Dev asks Shani what will happen next. Ravan will succeed in his ill plans this way. Shani declines. Our karmas change our fate. This becomes the reason of their doom. Ravan too will get his Karamfal but it will happen Shanay-Shanay!

Ravan laughs. Did you see Shani? All the nav-graha’s are in my control now. I can twist it as per my wish. No one will be able to defeat me after getting my son from Dhamini! You separated me from my Aradhya. Now you will stay under my feet as my servant.

Shani advises everyone to be alert. Ravan will soon try to control us. We will be tested at par with our energies and it wont be easy. Surya Dev assures him he will not bend down before Ravan. This is my oath! Ravan appears there. I was born to break every oath! I am born to absorb every energy. He tells Shani his insight to the planets just now wont be of any use. I will gain control over them today! You warned them but it wont help them at all. When Ravan makes his move, everyone else has to step behind. Surya Dev tells him to be careful. One has a right to increase his power but he must bear the brunt of going against nature. You will surely be punished for your misdeeds. Stop. There is still time. Ravan laughs it off. Who will punish me? Who will stop me? You? Try and show me if you are strong enough to kill me. Shani looks at him. He warns Surya Dev against it. Have patience. This isn’t the right time. Surya Dev tells him to let him to his karma. He attacks Ravan but Ravan easily rebuffs his attack. I pardon you today but I wont pardon you next time. Now I am your Swami. Consider it to be your first and last mistake. If you try to do something like this again then I will burn you so much that you will regret to be Surya Dev. Shani warns him to be careful.

Precap: Ravan tells Shani he will stomp him under his feet just like he stomped Shivlinga in the soil! He pushes Shani. You will become my servant and stay with me forever!