Shani 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Shani Confronts Devraj And Mangal

|| Sins and virtues take birth from our karmas. Shani teaches that our karamfal depends on our karmas. ||

Mangal tells Dhamini that she too has become Shani’s enemy by cursing him. Now he will kill you as well. Dhamini is taken aback.

Brahma Dev says till now Dhamini was Shani’s shield but she herself is afraid of him now. How will Shani and Dhamini face Mangal now? Mahadev says they will have to bear Mangal’s attack. It depends on them now as to where they will head to.

Shani tells Dhamini she saw incomplete truth. It is Mangal’s effect. She stops him from speaking any further. I saw it all from my eyes yet you are trying to give an explanation of it to me! You are a murderer! Mangal is happy to see the change in her. I want you to fall under my effect and speak against Shani.

I see that you are going on that path only.

Dhamini says I always felt that you cannot do any injustice but I am not afraid of you today after knowing your truth. Instead I am angry. Shani ask her to take it out on him them. I accepted your curse. I will also accept your anger. She says till now I was proud to be your wife but now I am ashamed to know your truth! Just like the satkaramfal of husband and wife affect them in a positive way, the bad karmas also affect them negatively. This Mangal Dosha is the punishment of marrying a sinner like you! You are a murderer! Shani makes a fist angrily. She adds that now she knows why Tridev snatched his position of Karamfaldata from him. You dint deserve it! I now know why mother hates you so much. You are a stain on her womb! He looks in her direction angrily. She tells him not to stop. Cast your Drishti on me and finish me!

Mangal tells Shani not to fool him. I know you are just pretending to cast your Maarak Drishti on Dhamini so I am diverted. Shani gives him 2 choices. He looks at Dhamini. She shouts in pain as she falls unconscious. Mangal laughs. Amazing! It was good. No one knew that Dhamini was under Mangal Dosha. No one even knew about the curse. Now everyone will believe that you killed your wife too! I won whereas you lost! Look at the proof (pointing at Dhamini). He walks out of the cave. Shani looks at Dhamini.

Devraj is shocked to know Dhamini is dead. Mangal nods. We succeeded in our revenge. With Yam’s help, we will get Shani such punishment which will not free him all his life! Now we will choose someone who we can control. World’s Karamfaldata wont be Tridev’s Ansh Shani but Surya-putra Yam. Devraj does not react which puzzles Mangal. Devraj is sure something is wrong. Shani was ready to kill me for Dhamini’s sake and you say that he killed her? I am sure he is following some plan but what is it? Mangal says Shani always followed the path of detachment. This was the base of his karma. This time his anger finished his path and Dhamini. His life is also messed up like Talatal!

Shani brings Dhamini to his room. Kakol gets concerned for her. What happened to her? Who did this? Shani takes blame. Kakol asks him why he isn’t looking at him. You attacked Dhamini? I cannot believe it. Tell me the truth. You have Mata Chhaya’s swear. Shani nods and tells him everything in mute. Kakol’s eyes widen in shock. How could you do this to her? Shani replies that she is fine. I knew she wont be able to protect herself in Talatal, especially under Mangal’s influence. She failed to protect herself with Mangal controlling my anger and her kundli. Kakol wonders how she is still alive. Shani says it is because it happened in Talatal. Mangal thought his powers doubled there and he could control us. He did not know that things turn opposite there. I cast my Drishti on her which ended up as positive influence for her. She isn’t dead but alive. Dhamini takes Shani’s name as she opens her eyes. She extends her hand towards him. Kakol says she wishes to say something. Shani advises to let her rest. We will talk later. We have to do a lot right now. Kakol asks him if he will leave Dhamini alone. Yami walks in saying she is here. He called me here to look after Dhamini. Shani begins to tell her everything but she refuses to hear anything. She is safe and that is all that matters to me. She goes to where Dhamini is.

Shani leaves with Kakol.

Mangal pours himself liquor. Shani insulted me! Now he will spend his life in misery. Devraj throws it away. You forgot the most important rule of the war. You did not realise that the place of war gets affected the most. Mangal fails to understand his logic. Devraj explains the significance of Talatal to him. You got fooled! As far as I know Shani, he must be coming here anytime soon. Marriage did make him emotional but he is as strong as he was before. We must head to a safe place asap. They hear some noise and look around. Shani says it is too late for that. You were right. Marriage makes one emotional. A man suddenly starts worrying for someone but the strength behind those emotions is very strong. I forgave both of you earlier but now it is about my wife. I wont sit quietly till I punish you for the same now! Till then, you will only see Shani all around you.

Mahadev says this karma will take the world to a new Kaalchakra. Narayan hopes it does not give birth to any new problem. Mahadev says we should trust Shani like we have previously. He has always found a solution for every problem. We should trust Shani and all the other characters in this story. Shanay-Shanay! This too will end before our eyes.

Mangal and Devraj step back in fear. Mangal tries attacking Shani but Shani wards off his attacks easily. He holds him by his throat lifting him high in the air before finally throwing him on the floor. Devraj gulps. Shani advances towards him. Devraj lies that he only helped him find Mangal. It was my plan to help you only. A God does not kill a God. Shani holds his throat angrily. Mangal tells him not to worry. He is capable of killing us just by casting his Drishti on us. It means he wants something from us which we wont give him! Shani pushes Devraj aside. Shani says there is another possibility which you skipped. I came to end you only but death will be an easy option. My motive is to make you feel pain.

Precap: Shani beats Mangal. Mangal begs for mercy as Shani looks at him. I will do as you say. Shani asks him to withdraw Mangal Dosha from Dhamini’s kundli.