It is often said that when it rains it pours. Well this epithet clearly applies to Sony Entertainment Television viewers. For even before Haasil fans could stomach the news that their favorite Zayad Khan, Vatsal Sheth and Nikita Dutta suspense thriller will wrap up sometime next month comes another whammy, that romantic horror Ek Deweena Tha (EDT) might also soon shut shop.
Both Haasil and EDT had replaced Kaun Banega Crorepati and the channel had big expectations. Sony had gone in for virtual carpet bombardment in terms of on air publicity even compromising on vital KBC commercial slots.

The reason is crystal clear this Prateek Sharma production just like Haasil has not really set the TRP charts (currently 0.6)ire. EDT will run a bit more then Haasil for, A the show is not really as expensive as Haasil and B it is giving the channel good reach, if not TRP like Un Dino Ki Baat Hai.
A channel source justified the: eventually pulling off of EDT, “saying we had always promoted the show as limited series. The story is only so much.”
The fact that Ek Deweena Tha and Haasil set were also in the Cinevistaas studio which got burnt down could not have helped matters,
To be fair the source is not wrong, if EDT runs for around 6 odd months (give and take a bit) it is good enough for that is the shelf of most Sony shows.
Had the show picked up, it would been extended as is the normal industry mantra.
Those who follow the show must have heard the alarm bells for the creative team here as in Haasil have also opened all the hidden layers. i.e. Vikram Singh Chauhan is the main villain. And given the genre it means that the climax has indeed set in.
We tried to get in touch with both Vikram and Namik Paul, but could not get through to them. Later namik messaged saying he has not heard any such new.

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