Shocking News : Lovely plans a murder in Kullfi Kumar Bajewala?

The ongoing track of Kullfi is filled with a lot of emotions as Kullfi is delighted to know that Sikandar is her father and can’t control her emotions. Meanwhile, Lovely and Amyra are tensed seeing Sikandar’s concern for Kullfi.

In the previous episode, we saw how Sikandar chose Kullfi. Thus, Lovely leaves the house along with Amyra and goes to live with her parents.
In the upcoming episode, Sikandar misses Amyra and comes to take Lovely and Amyra back.

Lovely and Cutie are talking about Kulfi, and Lovely thinks about getting rid of Kullfi the way she did with Nimrat.

Although the accident with Nimrat was not intentional, she plans to knock out Kulfi in a similar way.
Well, it will be interesting to see if Lovely is successful in her plan or will Sikandar be able to save Kullfi from her evil plans.