Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 18th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Radhika, Mauli, and Ishaan. They are at the crime scene. The Police Inspector asks them to go home as the cliff is too high and it will consume time to exercise the evacuation process.
Radhika, Mauli, and Ishaan take Pari home.
Dida is moaning in pain. She prays to God for Kunal’s well being. Pramila informs them that Pari was sleepless and hasn’t cried a tear.
Sandhya is sharing her guilt with Sweety. She says that probably because of her Pari was kidnapped. Sweety solaces Sandhya and asks her to keep quiet.
Pari wakes up with a loud scream. She yells that she has lost her buddy. Mauli tries to calm her down. Pari says that she saw Kunal getting shot and slipping down from the cliff.
Sweety questions Sandhya whether the said incident will change Mauli’s decision? Sandhya replies that Ishaan and Mauli will get married in a week.
They try to feed Mishty, but she couldn’t eat anything.
Mishty prepares a thank you card for Kunal.
Next morning, the police inspector informs the family that Kunal is no more. He hands over Kunal’s belongings to Radhika.
Mauli, Ishaan, Radhika, and Dida break down into tears. Pari screams out loud and says she knew Buddy was dead. Mauli hugs Pari.
The episode ends on a fix where Mishty is preparing to thank Kunal for his doings and Mauli is solacing Pari on Kunal’s death.
Precap: Mauli and Ishaan bring Mishty on Kunal’s death ceremony. Mishty couldn’t understand the scenario. She questions all about the matter.