Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 1st January 2019 Written Update Written Episode

Kunal shares his experience with Mauli to Mehek. He tells her about how Mauli stormed out in anger.
Mehek is awestruck to see Kunal rejoicing the insult just to fulfill Mishty’s wish.
Here, Mauli returns home and tells Radhika and Dida about Kunal’s misbehavior. Radhika and Dida couldn’t believe in Mauli’s words.
Pari and Mehek go out shopping. Pari asks Mehek to bring a nail paint for her. Mehek asks Pari to wait for her. A stray dog comes near Pari. Just then, Mishty and Radhika come to the same and spot Pari in trouble.
Mishty walks up and saves Pari. Mehek and Radhika praise Mishty.
Here, Kunal visits Ishaan. He hands him over some gift and asks him to send it to Mauli.

Ishaan is doubtful about Kunal’s act but still follows him.
Mauli and Radhika plan to go out on a dinner. Mauli receives a gift from Ishaan. Radhika and Dida mock Mauli for troubling Ishaan.
Mauli and Radhika reach to the restaurant. Surprisingly, Kunal and Mehek are also present at the same diner.
Kunal creates a big scene to grab Mauli’s attention. Miffed Mauli leaves the place. Radhika decides to teach Kunal a lesson for life to returns.
Radhika gets surprised to see Kunal apologizing and hugging the waiter with whom he was misbehaving earlier. She gets puzzled.