Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 20th July 2018 Written Update Written Episode  

The episode starts with Nandini accepts Rajdeep’s flowers and Kunal-Mauli gets shocked.

Kunal and Mauli ask Pramila to throw the flowers but Deeda stops them by saying that Nandini wants to keep the flowers.

Nandini recalls the day when Rajdeep apologizes her for his mistakes just then Deeda comes there.

Deeda says to Nandini that maybe Rajdeep has changed as a person, Kunal overhears everything.

Nandini says that maybe Rajdeep has not changed yet so Deeda says that to know whether he has changed or not she will have to give him one chance.

Deeda goes from there, Nandini thinks about Deeda’s advice and Deeda asks Kunal if she did right by giving Nandini advice to give one chance to Rajdeep.

Deeda advises Nandini to give one chance to Rajdeep

Kunal asks her to sleep and goes to talk to Nandini but just then Rajdeep calls Nandini.

Nandini picks up the call and talks to him, Kunal and Mauli come there so she disconnects the call.

Mauli says to Nandini that she must ignore Rajdeep and does not give him another chance.

Kunal’s mother comes home and gives saree to Nandini then she gives chandi ka suhaag thaal to Mauli.

Rajdeep sends suhaag thaal to Nandini and she gets shocked seeing it, Nandini-Kunal-Mauli goes to temple for pooja.


Kunal says to Nandini that she must think and then take any decision.


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