Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 24th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Sandhya receiving calls from the designers. She tells them to wait, and she will be reaching any minute. She asks Mauli and Ishaan to rush home faster.
Ishaan isn’t finding her mother’s behavior appropriate. He asks her to leave and says that he will bring Mauli later. Sandhya couldn’t leave them at the hospital and insists on coming along.
Radhika and Dida ask Mauli to with Sandhya and Ishaan.
Radhika and Dida are worried about Kunal.
Ishaan asks his mother to postpone the wedding, to which Sandhya lashes back at Kunal. She refuses to do so. Ishaan later apologizes to his mother about the same.
Sandhya forgives him and makes him aware that his marriage shouldn’t be delayed as Mauli is too vulnerable and could get distracted anytime.
Further, Pari asks Radhika about Kunal’s weird behavior. Radhika tricks her in words. Dida has the same concern, Radhika solaces her down.
Ishaan and Mauli’s Haldi ceremony begins. Sandhya ties a holy thread on Mauli’s wrist. She asks her to keep it safe.
Kunal wakes up with Mauli’s name.
Mauli is thinking about Kunal and family.