Sitara 24th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Sitara and Viraj. They both are handcuffed. Netra walks in Viraj’s room. Viraj and Sitara get petrified.
Somehow Viraj manages the situation. Miffed Netra informs Viraj that Ranimaa is calling him.
Sitara makes Viraj take bath. Ranimaa comes in Viraj’s room. Viraj again makes Ranimaa leave the room.
Surili plants a trap for Viraj, hoping he will fall in the same. Later, she finds that Sitara and Viraj are handcuffed and they both will fall into the trap.
Chabili sprays water and saves Sitara.
Sitara and Viraj walk hand-in-hand to the prayer. Rajguru stops Sitara to enter the holy place. Viraj takes Sitara back to his room and takes out the sword.
He asks Sitara to break the handcuff as his right hand is blocked.
Sitara breaks the handcuff in one go. Viraj starts acting as if he got hurt. Sitara gets terrified. Viraj later opens up that he was joking.
Viraj’s Bua fuels Ranisaa against Sitara. She shares her fear of seeing Viraj and Sitara as lovers.
Later, Surili gifts Sitara a jewel.
Vrinda tells Chabili and Albeli that she asked Surili to make Sitara wear the jewel so that she can meet her.