Sitara 25th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Sitara goes to fetch water from the kitchen. However, Vrinda tries to make Sitara under her control. Surili tries her best.
Viraj goes to look for Sitara but Samrat kidnapped Sitara. Vrinda and Surili try their utmost power to stop them. However, Samrat stopped the car and he hit his head in the staring.
The family gathers around his car and finds them. Everyone gets shocked to see Sitara in Samrat’s car.
Everyone asked Samrat about what was Sitara doing in his car. Samrat replies after a long time that Sitara wanted to meet him.
However, Viraj is not convinced about Samrat’s statement.
He gets suspicious about it. Surili gets emotional. She desperately wants to tell Sitara about her mother but she is helpless right now.
Viraj hears Surili saying Sitara has superpowers. When Viraj asked Surili, she manipulates her statement.
The next morning, Sitara don’t remember anything. Sitara gets surprised to see Samrat’s injury. Samrat’s mother blames Sitara for the accident but Sitara denies accepting that she called Samrat.