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Ek Deewana Tha:

Rajan had hidden Freddy. Rajan who had attempted to murder Freddy had kept him in an asylum. Now Rajan will make sure that Freddy is announced as a psycho. But, Freddy will be brought back in Vyom’s house by Urmi. What will happen when Rajan and Freddy will collide? Will Freddy, who knows the real reason behind Shiv’s death, reveal the truth?


Shivdutt will eagerly wait for Puru and will decide to kill him. Puru will sense that Amartya Shivdutt (Aman Dhaliwal) will try to catch him. He will enter the land and would fight with them to bring back Sumer. Later, he will win the battle and would manage to free Sumer from them. He will reunite Anusuya-Sumer and complete his mission.

Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai:

On learning about the felicitation, Rakesh sir will come running to take the award for which he had been working all his life. Rakesh’s presence will make Naina happy and this would bring a smile Sameer’s face too. Meanwhile, in the Agarwal house, the ladies will gear up for Pooja’s wedding preparation. What will happen next? Will Naina forgive Sameer for his mistake?

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Ratan tells Diya that its better if he leaves from her life. He wishes her a happy life. He says I m not like you, I have no tolerance and patience, I don’t want to create troubles for you. He makes her wear a chain as a token of love. He part ways with her. Diya goes to the altar for marrying Abhay. She misses Ratan. She doesn’t understand what made Ratan leave suddenly. Ratan packs his bags and leaves from the place. He is not aware of Abhay’s revenge plans.

Ranvir tries to threaten Anchal. He scares Anchal by showing her a car blast. Anchal worries for Kabir. She tells Ranvir that he isn’t perfect, once she gets a clue against him, she will ruin him. She gets defeated by Ranvir. She wants to do something to fail Ranvir. Even Kabir is supporting Anchal. He is also fed up of Ranvir’s madness.