The Episode starts with Pankti thinking of JD’s words. Ahaan congratulates Pankti for gettingher freedom. He tells her that her life is just of her now. He sees her gone and shouts Pankti. Aparna thanks Lord. Sheetal says I don’t feel I m a better mum. Aparna says you are also a good mum, Ahaan and Pankti will be together for a new start. Pankti washes her hand and thinks of JD. She says this sold mark will never go, this will always be there. Ahaan smiles and says love has much strength.

She asks why do I feel like this. He says its hard to believe when Lord gives much happiness. She says no, I feel something is strange. Ahaan asks her to come along. JD comes to his room and keeps the sold tag. He thinks of Ahaan and gets angry. Ahaan asks Pankti to get free mentally. She says I m free.

He asks did you not have food, don’t you have energy, come on, just shout. She smiles and shouts I got free. She recalls the similar old moment. He asks her to shout louder. She shouts I got free now. She holds Ahaan’s face. Tu aashiqui….plays…. She hugs Ahaan and says you have won. He says we have won. They smile. He asks her to come home. They hold hands and leave.

Manav asks Aparna will Ahaan come home or not. Aparna asks him why did he sign Ahaan by paying 50 lakhs, why does he hide his love for Ahaan. He says you love him a lot, a dad has to hide some love for keeping a balance. Sheetal plans a big welcome for Ahaan to apologize to him. Richa says Pankti will be glad too. Vikram says we have to take care of legal things, we should take permission from Anita. Ahaan tells Pankti that Anita is her mum, and they have to take her consent. Pankti says I want to talk to her, I was a thing before, I didn’t had courage to talk, I feel I m free, maybe I can tell today, I will call you. He says fine, you are free, your life, your rules. She smiles. Pankti comes home. Purva says you have won, I m really happy for you, tell me how shall we celebrate. Pankti says by wiping our tears. They hug. Anita asks will you share all your happiness with your sister, won’t you leave anything for your mum. She makes Pankti wear a red dupatta. She blesses Pankti. Pankti gets surprised. She hugs Anita and says it means you are really wishing me. Anita says I wish your next buyer pays better for you, JD’s legal license ended, your new buyer is coming, he wants to see you as bride. Pankti gets angry.

Anita and Pankti argue. Purva asks Anita to do Pankti’s bidaai. Anita starts insulting them. She drags Pankti. Pankti stops and says Ahaan has freed me. Anita forcibly does her makeup. She says even JD can’t free you from me, girls like you can’t get free, you are just exchanged. Pankti and Purva cry.

Anita gets bitter tongued and hurts Pankti’s sentiments. She asks Pankti to earn money for her. Anita says you are a mistress, you want to live a clean life, you are darkness, a dirt. Pankti pushes her and says enough, your wishes are dirty, you are stained for being a bad mum, I came here to give you a new chance, but you have failed, I thought a mum will be alive in you, you are just greedy.

Anita says you won’t go. JD says Pankti will go, I will take her home, I will see who stops her. JD points gun at Pankti. Ahaan gets shocked