Tu Aashiqui 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ahaan And Pankti Romance

Episode starts with Ahaan telling Pankti about engagement ring, which is worn in the finger that’s connects to the heart. He says once we get engaged, love in and fear out. She smiles. Uday calls Ahaan and asks him to urgently come for some work. Ahaan asks Pankti will she get scared. She says no, you just said, love in, fear out. She waves him bye. He goes. She enters the house and doesn’t see anyone. She sees JD. She asks him why is he sitting in darkness, when he has got lights fixed. He says one gets peace to sit in darkness alone. She asks alone. He says there is no one at home, if you are scared, its fine, I will also go out. She says no, I m not afraid, you are Ahaan’s Bade Papa. He says thank God, I was afraid you will take much time to forgive me Babu. She looks at him. He says

so sorry, I m habitual, that’s why, can you make a cup of tea for me, I have headache. She says sure, you went to meet mum, thanks. She goes to kitchen. Ahaan comes to her. She says you went for work. He says I couldn’t do work, I was sad without you, I feel happy now. They have an eyelock.

She runs out. He catches her. They laugh. JD looks on. He adds ice in the wine and drinks to calm down. Richa and Vikram go to the car. He gets irritated by her talk. He asks her to hurry up. She says I m excited Pankti will finally become our family member, Anita can’t do anything now, I m so happy. He says its matter of shame, she can’t become a part of our family. She asks what does he mean to say. He says Ahaan and I fought because of Pankti. She asks why, just tell me, what did she do, she loves Ahaan.

He says such girls trap guys, don’t argue if you don’t know anything. Pankti runs away. Ahaan follows her. He holds her and gets close. He says I love you…. JD looks on from far. Ahaan says you shy a lot. Pankti says you don’t shy at all. She asks him to go, everyone will be coming. He asks her to say what he wants to hear, where will they go after marriage, any choice of hers, if she wants to see any place. She says I didn’t know anything about the world, I have seen the world with you, I will go anywhere you take me. He calls her romantic. He gets the tab and says lets see where our fate will take her, we will go where you keep your finger. He says you have chosen London, I had to go there for performance too.

JD keeps the glass. It falls down. Pankti says someone is seeing us. Ahaan says let them see, the world should know how much we love each other. He gets close. Pankti runs. JD holds and stops her. He asks what are you doing here, I m waiting for tea. She says sorry, I will get it. JD says Ahaan, you have entire life to do this. Ahaan says no, even ten births aren’t enough to love. JD says yes, but there are staff members here. Ahaan says I was over excited. JD says I know, it wasn’t easy to win over me, will I get tea now. They hear car horn. Ahaan goes to check at the door.

Pankti asks JD was he watching everything. Aparna and Sheetal come home. Sheetal asks Ahaan to help. He says its my engagement, I will take some footage. JD says yes, I was watching you, sorry, habits don’t change so soon, it will be lie if I say I didn’t get hurt seeing you and Ahaan like this, it will be a lie if I say I m not happy seeing you both happy, I promise I m trying to change, it will take some time, but not that much time which you are taking to make tea, Pankti I have a request, please don’t get scared of me now, we are not the same now, we have a new relation, but what will you call me, obviously not Bade Papa, its strange relation. She says I know, so I was saving myself from this relation, but maybe Lord wanted Ahaan and me to get related, you have to see that this happiness remains. He says I promise, my happiness is in your happiness. She goes. JD says who drinks tea over whiskey. Pankti makes tea. She thinks of JD’s words. She says its engagement tomorrow, I will get married soon, how will I stay here, I will always be scared of JD and Anita.

Ahaan and Pankti dance in engagement ceremony. Anita says this engagement won’t happen, I m coming.