Tu Aashiqui 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Sheetal Opposes Pankti

The Episode starts with Ahaan coming home and scolding JD. He tells everything to family. He warns JD against hurting Pankti and says you will get arrested if anything happens to her. Aparna says I won’t wait for any court orders if anything happens to my son. Sheetal says you went after Pankti even after all this, why shall I stop now. She calls lawyer and says I m ready to sign new will. JD gets angry. Ahaan says I m fine, Pankti is also fine, her voice is so good, she is talented, you should have heard her voice, what will I protect her, what identity will I give her, her music will get her identity. She says your relation is strong and now you have musical connection too.

She says its regretting when person dreams and doesn’t try to fulfill too, I also dreamt to become a chef, but

maybe I didn’t give importance to my dreams, I don’t want Pankti to regret, I wish I could meet her. He makes video call to Pankti and says someone wants to meet you. He makes Aparna talk to Pankti. Aparna asks her to sing. She says I will decide if she sings well. Pankti gets shy. Aparna asks whose name will you take when you win award. Pankti says yours. Aparna calls her smart. She says don’t feel awkward. Sheetal comes there. Aparna says I accepted you as bahu, everyone will agree soon. Sheetal says no, I will never accept. Aparna says I will call later and disconnects. Ahaan asks what are you saying. Sheetal says Pankti can’t become this house’s bahu, I can’t make new relations with her. Pankti gets sad and thinks of Ahaan. Tere liye….plays….. Sheetal says whenever I think about Pankti, I think of the time when JD used to make excuses and stay outside, was he with Pankti, was my marriage fake, did he give everything to Pankti, did I have anything exclusive or not.

Aparna says try to understand, what’s Pankti’s mistake, you both got cheated. Sheetal says I don’t need pity. Pankti goes to Anita and sees her with dolls. Anita talks to her husband Sanjeev’s pic. She says this was our dream, I forgot everything by running after greed. Pankti cries. Sheetal says I won’t cry, I will punish JD, I will make him cry, I m not great, I m a normal human, Pankti won’t become bahu of this house, that’s final. She goes.

Aparna stops Sheetal. Aparna says I have right to support my son. Ahaan gets sad. Monty and Poorva come home. Pankti hugs Poorva. Poorva meets Anita. Anita asks Poorva to go back. Poorva says no, I have passed my entire life here, I won’t go. Anita says how did I get good daughters like you. She does a drama. She says Ahaan will give all rights to Pankti. Aparna asks Sheetal are we all not yours. Sheetal says after I announce my will tomorrow morning, you will know it. Ahaan says don’t include me in your will, the house which has no place for Pankti, I won’t stay there. She says I won’t forget you are like my son, decide this tomorrow. Sheetal goes and breaks JD and her pic. Aparna comes. Sheetal asks why did JD keep someone, I m a weak woman. She cries. Aparna consoles her.

She asks Sheetal not to worry, JD will get punished. Anita says I decided to get Pankti and Ahaan married, and then your and Monty’s marriage. Poorva smiles. Anita hugs her daughters. Pankti says Monty has also come. Anita says go and make something for him, he is going to become my son in law, I will just come. They go. Anita makes a face and says I had no option than to do this.

Ahaan takes Pankti close to her dream. JD says I m the fire that burns all dreams.