Tu Aashiqui: Ahaan and Pankti gunshot each other dead ending true love story

Shocking twist seems to bring major turning point in the love story of Ahaan and Pankti.

Colors most popular and passionate love saga Tu Aashiqui is going to unfold high wrenching twists and turns.

Ahaan and Pankti were soon going to achieve relationship goals ending JD’s game that entire story takes troll in ugly manner.

Ahaan and Pankti’s deadly game

Here we have posted the latest picture that Ahaan aka Ritvik Arora have shared with the Fans as the upcoming suspense in the storyline.

The picture reveals the high intensity twist while it is very difficult to grab the sequence being portrayed in the picture.

In one picture Ahaan points gun on Pankti while in second Pankti points gun on Ahaan.

Apart from this, Ahaan also mentioned that the game seems to end and the story going to break TRP with this biggest twist.

While there is a strong buzz created by Fans and viewers that Ahaan and Pankti got trapped in JD’s plan or Ahaan Pankti decided to end their love story.

What you think about the same?

Any guesses what Ahaan and Pankti are going to do ahead?

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