Tu Aashiqui: Aparna smartly manipulates JD vomits truth shocking Sheetal

Colors most awaited TV Serial Tu Aashiqui is bringing in very exciting twist since Ahaan and Pankti’s love story got reveal to Aparna.

Aparna is trying her best to protect Ahaan and Pankti where this time Aparna smartly saves Ahaan from drug allegations which was pre plotted by JD,

Aparna’s patience level breaks down when she finds JD not ending his cheap deeds to avenge Ahaan.

Thus she decides to confront evil JD over his deeds.

Aparna confronts evil JD

Aparna thereby confronts JD for creating double trouble for Ahaan and even bribing a girl for entertainment.

However the twist in tale will get unfold in exciting way when Aparna will smartly manipulate JD and JD will confess his evil deeds.

Will Sheetal overhear JD’s evil deeds?

What will happen next?