Kanak confesses in front of Uma that she came back to him not for him, but to get back her shop Kanak Mishthan Bandhar. Uma stands silently. She says she asked him nau lakha haar, money, and property to divert his attention, she just needs Kanak misthan bhandar back. She returns money and jewelry. Uma takes them back. Kanak asks him to react and not stand silently. Uma’s aide Gabba tells him today is festival day and registry office will close soon, so they should go soon. Uma walks towards car. Gabba calls Kanak as Bhabhisaa and says let us go. Kanak says Uma did not call him. Gabba says he did not stop her also. Kanak gets into car with Uma and Aide and reaches registry office.

Meena looks herself into mirror and says she has gone old with 2-3 strands of white

hair. Rani enters reminiscing Golu gifting her earrings and earring getting stuck into Meena’s key bunch. She praises Meena that she looks so young even now and can give complex to any young girl. She requests or a selfie and Meena agrees. Meena keeps hand on keybunch or a pose. Rani says this is not good, she is looking fat. Meena changes pose and stands up. Rani silently picks earring and drops down and silently takes it away in her feet. Meena thinks why she is buttering so much today.

Uma takes Kanak to registry office. Registrar says Gabba had already informed, so he has prepared papers already. Uma signs property transfer papers reminiscing Payal telling Kanak betrayed him and came back to him only to get Kanak Misthan Bhandar. He stops. Kanak gets tensed that he is so silent and will explode. Uma says he needs another pen. Registrar gives and asks even Kanak to sign papers. Uma and Kanak walk out after finishing registry. Kanak tells Uma that when they met first, it was in front of shivji and parting ways also in front of Shivji. Uma says Shivji is present everywhere. Kanak says she is breaking all relationship with him, he should get a girl who can follow his rules, she wants a boy who will accept her as she is and not ask to complete any exams. She continues that she does not know what his family will think o her, but she considered them as her family and hopes they accept her again smilingly in future if they meet again. Garland falls on them both. They reminisce garland falling on them during their first meeting. Kanak breaks garland and walks away. Serial’s title song continues…

Precap: Ved tells Kanak that he will not spare Uma. Kanak says let it be, Uma returned their sweet shop. Uma asks Gabba to bring Maasi to Pushkar, he knows what he is going to do. Kanak with Ved and Vansh returns home and is shocked to see Bhabo doing Uma’s aarti.