Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Uma Is Attacked

Uma reaches on his bike ambulance to help an accident victim lying on road, but victim is Parag’s goon who with other goons attacks Uma. Uma falls down injured and sees goons breaking his ambulance. He reminisces Kanak gifting him ambulance, he proposing Kanak in a filmy style, etc. and loses consciousness. Kanak reaches the spot searching Uma and seeing an injured lying thinks this cannot be Uma. She sees Uma’s locket on floor and with shivering hands turns victim to see it is Uma really. She panics more and tries to call Aditya, but phone falls. She checks his pulse and does CPR reminiscing Chinmay doing it. Aditya reaches in car and even he panics seeing Uma’s condition. They rush Uma to hospital. At hospital, doc treats Uma and says hie is out of danger.

Aditya asks if he is sure. Doc says yes. Kanak takes care of Uma whole night. Kyunki Tumih Ho…song..plays in the morning. Next morning, Uma wakes up. Aditya and Kanak happily inform family. They all gather. Uma asks Kanak what is she wearing, this is not their culture. Doctor informs that Uma got memory loss and forgot a few years of his life.
Saras and Kanak get orphan baby home. Bhabho signals them thumbs up. Kanak tells this child is orphan, so she brought her here. Payal without touching baby rudely says Kanak would have taken him home. Kanak says she needs to take care of Uma, else she would have taken him home. Saras takes baby. At night, baby cries. Payal calls Bhabho, but seeing no one around picks baby. Baby calms down. Payal feels happy holding baby..

Uma starts his old strict rules and asks Kanak not to wear modern clothes. He walks in wearing dhoti kurta. Kanak while drinking water coughs seeing him. He scolds her to drink water seated. He scolds Aditya next it sit properly. After sometime, Aditya enjoys tea sitting under dining table and seeing a traditional Rajasthani clothes wearing lady taunts. Lady turns and he is surprised to see Kanak, asks what happened to modern lady. Kanak happily takes tea from him and is about to sip when Uma comes and gets them out. He scolds who brought tea here and gives saunf water to Kanak.

Kanak gets ready for college. Uma asks where is she going. Kanak tells for paramedical course and she informed him before about their mobile bike ambulance. Uma says he does not understand and says women are not allowed to go outside house, so she has to choose between him and paramedical course.

Precap: Kanak tells Uma that he wanted her to choose between him and paramedical course, so she has taken her decision. Everyone look at her eagerly.