The Episode starts with Imli commanding Suraj to do Chakor’s Cheerharan. They all get shocked. Kasturi scolds Imli. Imli angrily pushes her away. Kasturi begs Suraj not to ruin Chakor’s respect. Ranvijay catches Kasturi. Imli says I m fed up of you. Chakor scolds Imli. Imli asks the villagers will they not come to save Chakor. She threatens them. She makes fun of their courage. Chakor looks on. Imli tells Ranvijay that everyone should see the result of going against her. She asks Suraj to prove his loyalty, did he forget his duty. Everyone cries. Chakor asks Suraj to stop.

Suraj goes to Chakor. Chakor tries much to stop it. He holds her ssaree and pushes her. She cries and sees everyone standing numb. She asks Imli how can she do this. Imli says I can do anything, worse should happen with you,

how can you do this, you made my people against me, I will see how you meet their eyes when your respect gets ruined, how will you stand in elections against me. She asks Suraj to ruin Chakor’s respect and shatter her pride. Chakor looks at Suraj and cries. Imli shouts Suraj. Suraj holds Chakor’s saree. Villagers get shocked and bow down.

Imli smiles. Chakor signs no to Suraj and cries. He thinks of her. Mahiya….plays…. Bhuvan and Kasturi scold Imli. Imli shouts Suraj fulfill your duty. Suraj pulls Chakor’s saree. Chakor cries and thinks of Suraj. Imli reminds Suraj what she taught him. He pulls off the saree. Chakor shouts Suraj…. Everyone gets shocked. Chakor looks at Suraj and cries. Imli says Chakor should die of shame. Chagan comes and shouts stop. Gauri asks him not to get into this, else Imli will kill him. Chagan asks is it less than dying to watch Chakor’s respect ruining, this can happen with you and every woman in the village, if I sit quiet today, I can’t forgive myself, I will ruin Imli’s men’s pride today. Imli says I will get your legs broken now. Chagan fights with the men. Ranvijay asks the men to catch Kasturi. Kasturi asks the villagers did they wear bangles, Chakor said if they unite, they can face everyone and fail them. She asks them to save Chakor’s respect, Chagan is trying to save her alone, fight with the goons and show we are not helpless. Villagers look on. Imli asks Suraj not to think for them and make Chakor’s life worse. Kishor says Chakor won’t die, you will die Imli. Villagers shout and get their sticks. Chakor cries seeing Suraj.

Chakor cries. Her dupatta flies over Suraj. He throws it back to her. Chakor says Suraj is dead for me from today.