Udaan 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor Saves Suraj’s Life

The Episode starts with Suraj seeing Chakor behind. She asks for food, as she is very hungry. He says there is no food here. She thinks she can make an excuse and run. She asks will you kill me of hunger. He ties her hands and shouts shut up till I arrange food, stay here, don’t know what will happen in this jungle, my eyes will be on you. He keeps her at the point of the knife and cooks with one hand. She recalls Suraj cooking at the dhaba. She cries. A snake comes there.

Imli and Ranvijay come somewhere. He opens the door lock and knocks. She gives the food plate. He passes the food plate inside. Someone takes the plate in. Ranvijay locks the door. They leave. Suraj asks Chakor to have food. She shows her tied hands. She eats food. She scolds him for doing so much with her. She says I m still

talking and trying to explain with a hope that my husband will understand me. She says my husband made food for me at dhaba once, because I was hungry, he had much self esteem, he fought against injustice. He says I m not your husband, just have the food. She says you can’t be my husband, he was Devta, not a kidnapper like you, my Suraj loved me a lot, he always protected me. She sees the snake behind and shouts. Suraj asks where is the snake. Chakor thinks of his words. She takes a stick and hits on his head. She says enough of your drama, I m going from here. He falls down. She runs away.

Snake bites Suraj. He screams. Chakor hears his scream and stops. She runs ahead. She thinks if the snake has bitten Suraj. She sees her mangalsutra. Tujhse judi hai….plays…. She recalls him and runs back to him. She sees the snake bite and gets shocked.

She thinks what to do. She wears her mangalsutra. She asks Suraj not to sleep. She tears her dupatta and ties to his feet. She says I won’t let anything happen to you, I will suck out the poison. She intakes the poison and spits. She asks him to keep eyes open, she won’t let anything happen to him, don’t lose courage. She says your nerve is running fine, you will get fine, nothing will happen to you. She hugs him and cries. Mahiya…..plays….

Suraj wakes up and says Chakor. She asks are you thinking of something, what did you recall. He holds his head. She asks him to recall. She sees him in pain and asks him not to think much, she will get water for him. He stops her. She asks what happened, why did you hold me like this. He says don’t say anything Chakor, I remember everything. She cries happily. He says I remember you are my wife, love and life. Mahiya….plays….

He says I remember Imli and Ranvijay too, we
will take revenge, I won’t leave him. He shouts Imli. Imli wakes up from sleep and shouts no Suraj. Ranvijay asks what happened. She says I have dreamt that Suraj got his memory and was talking of revenge, he won’t leave us if this turns true. He says nothing will happen, we have tortured him so much, he won’t recall anything. He recalls beating up Suraj. He says Suraj will do your work, trust him, sleep now.

Its morning, Suraj is sleeping and dreams of little Chakor. He gets flashes of Chakor and him. He shouts no and gets up. Chakor asks what happened. He says that girl is making a deal. She asks who. He says little innocent girl, she was dealing the crackers, that boy has locked her up inside a room to trouble her. Chakor cries and asks what. He says I get such dreams always, I see that girl and that boy, don’t know who is that girl, she keeps talking like you, she keeps running in village, why do I see her, who is she. Chakor cries.

Suraj asks do you know that girl. Chakor says I know. He asks her to say. She says that’s me, your Chakor, that boy is you.