Udaan 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj’s Birthday Is Celebrated

The Episode starts with Imli asking Suraj to kill Chakor. He gets shocked. Ranvijay comes and says this time no excuses will work, Chakor is back side, go to her, kill her. Suraj goes. Imli says see how easily he agreed. Ranvijay says but he didn’t kill her, come lets see. Suraj scolds Chakor and points gun. Chakor asks what are you saying, did you go mad, are Imli and Ranvijay seeing us. He says you killed my dad, you will be punished. Ranvijay says he is just acting. Chakor says fine kill me, shoot.

Suraj pulls trigger. She screams. He sees the gun. Chakor says you really shot at me, stop this madness, I will die by your joke. He says I will really kill you. Imli smiles. Chakor hits on his leg and runs. Suraj fires but there isn’t any bullet. Imli comes to haveli. She says Suraj has pulled

trigger, you did this drama as you wanted to save Manju. She keeps sword at Ranvijay’s neck and says prove that you love me. He says I love you. She says stop doubting on Suraj. He says fine. Suraj comes and gives the gun to Ranvijay.

He says its empty, why, you gave me one chance to take revenge from Chakor by giving this empty pistol, why, tell me, load bullets in gun and give me. She says calm down, I commanded you to clear Ranvijay’s doubt. He asks her to kill him and end Ranvijay’s doubt. She says no, I promise I will give you a chance to kill Chakor, have some patience. Suraj says I know you want my good, I swear on you, the one in front of whom I bend my head, till I don’t see her winning elections, I won’t sit at peace. He thinks of bowing down in front of Chakor. He says this is my promise and goes. Ranvijay says he is acting. She says you are saying nonsense.

Chakor beats Suraj and says I won’t forgive you. He says talk slowly. She says I can’t believe you shot at me, liar. He says forgive me, wild cat, I knew the gun had no bullets. She asks how. FB shows Pakhi giving Suraj a note. She writes Imli is giving gun to test loyalty, so she gave empty gun. FB ends. He says so I shot with confidence. Chakor says I was scared. He compliments her beauty. He asks her to make halwa for him. She says never, I can’t meet you tomorrow. He says then I will eat you without adding sugar.

Its morning, Imli comes to village with Ranvijay. She says I will wait for villages. He says I will go for rally. She sends Suraj along. Imli hears Chakor and Pakhi. They talk about teaching lesson to Suraj by beating him. They see Imli and smile. Chakor stops Imli. She asks about Suraj. Imli says mind your own work. Ranvijay comes and says done. Imli says you won’t come with me today. Suraj asks who will hold the flag and chant your name. Imli says its for your good, go to haveli and rest. Ranvijay says I don’t understand you. They leave. Suraj looks on. Chakor smiles. Suraj comes to haveli and hears some sound. He goes to haveli and gets his knife to catch someone. He sees Chakor. He finds the room decorated with lights. He says you…. She says yes.

Ranvijay says you sent Suraj back to haveli by getting scared of Chakor. Imli asks him to stop it. He gets a call and asks what. He says its a good news, we got a good deal. Imli asks driver to take them back to haveli. Chakor and Suraj fall on the bed. Mahiya………plays……

He says you shouldn’t have come here by taking risk. She says you are sending me away, I won’t go, happy birthday. They smile. He says you took big risk to celebrate my birthday. She says yes, who else will make this day special for my husband, I got what you wanted. He asks halwa. She smiles.

Imli asks Ranvijay to inform Suraj. Ranvijay calls Suraj. He says he isn’t answering. Chakor lights a candle over halwa cake. Suraj smiles. She asks him to cut the cake, and make a wish first. He blows off candle. She sings happy birthday to you. She gives him a bouquet and wishes. Suraj kisses the bouquet and asks won’t you ask me what did I wish, I prayed for a little baby, I m sure it will be fulfilled. She says fine, lets cut the cake. Mahiya…..plays….. They feed halwa to each other. Ranvijay and Imli come to haveli. Suraj and Chakor smile.

Chakor says I got this chance after 5 years. Suraj romances her. Ranvijay shouts Suraj, where are you. Chakor asks how did they come back.