Udaan 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor Gets Arrested

The Episode starts with Suraj thinking of Chakor. She comes and holds him. He screams by pain. He sees her. They have an eyelock. He asks her to think what will Imli and Ranvijay do. She says I m not scared of them, why don’t you lie to them. He asks why did you lie and save me. Imli asks Ranvijay where is he taking her. He says to your parents house, I know Chakor is lying, we will find the truth. She stops the car by pulling handbrake. He asks why did you stop the car. She says I don’t want you to ask Chakor, people will doubt on us, just wait for the morning, I will attack Chakor.

Suraj says you won’t know what will happen with you, they will attack from behind, this time I won’t lie to them. She says Imli and Ranvijay can’t harm me, I m contesting in elections, Imli can’t do anything,

you won’t tell them anything, swear on me. She asks him not to break the promise, else she will die. Imli and Ranvijay reach there. Chakor and Suraj get shocked. They hide behind the well.

He says they are here. She asks him to stay quiet. They have an eyelock. Mahiya….plays……Imli asks Ranvijay to have patience, Suraj is not related to Chakor. Ranvijay says he is a traitor, I will kill him. She says I need him to use against Chakor, go to haveli, we have to keep food near that door. He asks why do you make me do this, you have relation with her. She says I know, fine I will go, don’t do anything with Suraj and Chakor. She leaves.

Ranvijay asks someone to keep an eye on Suraj and Chakor. Chakor asks why do you punish yourself. Suraj says I m doing repentance, I feel I m doing wrong. She says repentance is done when you know the sin committed, do you know your sin. He recalls his mistake. He asks her to go. She says fine, I will not risk my life, but you have to agree to me, you may not regard me your wife, but you won’t risk your life, make a new start, if it starts with friendship, nothing can be better, tell me, will you be my friend. He says no, I don’t want to. A pot falls down. Ranvijay turns to see. He comes to check. He doesn’t see them and throws the pot. He leaves. Suraj gets away from Chakor. He goes. Chakor smiles and says I will have friendship, Suraj you have opened the door of your heart for me.

Imli passes the food plate to someone. The woman holds her hand. The woman says are you Imli or someone else, just send Imli to me. Imli gets away.

Its morning, Chakor comes to the police station. Media asks are the blames on you true. Chakor sees Imli and Ranvijay with Suraj. Media asks Chakor did she beat up Suraj so much that he was about to die. Chakor says yes. Imli says Chakor has accepted her crime, what proof do you know now. Suraj recalls Chakor’s words. Imli asks can you see your leader in this criminal, no, I can’t see this happen, this is wrong. Chagan and Pakhi look on. Imli asks inspector to punish Chakor, she has attempted to kill Suraj. Chakor is arrested. Suraj comes to meet her and says I have to give Imli’s message. Constable allows him.

Suraj asks Chakor why did she scold Imli, Imli has made him file the report, he unwillingly had to do this, else her promise would have broken and she would have died. She smiles. Mahiya…..plays… They argue. She says you are not their bandhua, I can prove this if you accept my friendship. He sees Imli and Ranvijay. He says we can’t be friends and goes. Imli and Ranvijay come to Chakor. Imli says you can’t stand in elections now. Chakor says game can change anytime. Ranvijay holds her neck and says we will win the game. Suraj looks on.

Chakor pushes away Ranvijay. Ranvijay jokes. Constable says Kasturi has come. Kasturi says Suraj has tried to ruin Chakor’s respect. Villagers say Suraj can’t be forgiven.