Udaan 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli Searches For Kumud

The Episode starts with Suraj and Chakor romancing. Ranvijay and Imli come back. Ranvijay shouts Suraj. Chakor says how did they come back, if they see us…. Suraj says I was missing my dad so I went to that room to revive my revenge fire. Imli says you should have taken permission. Ranvijay asks what’s this smell of halwa, we will check his room, something is wrong. They go to room and see everything like before. Ranvijay says halwa smell is coming even here, from where did it come. Suraj says from market, I had bought halwa and kept bhog for dad. Imli says enough now, Ranvijay come. She locks the room. Suraj asks what’s the need to lock, I won’t come without your permission. She says yes, even then, have this key, go and clean that bungalow for market purpose. Ranvijay asks Suraj what is he

seeing inside, as if something is left. They go. Chakor comes out of cupboard and finds door locked. Some couple beg to Imli to spare their daughter. Imli gets a call and asks them to leave. She says there won’t be any marriage, go from here.

Ranvijay asks what happened. Imli says Kumud has run away from her client. Ranvijay says don’t worry, I will catch her and kill her. They leave. Suraj thinks where did Chakor go. He goes back to room. He sees her sleeping and goes to her. He says I love you and kisses. Chakor says I love you too. She wakes up and asks did Imli and Ranvijay know anything. He says no, they went out. She says I did a mistake, I was hungry and finished the halwa. He laughs. She also laughs. He asks did you eat all halwa alone. She says sorry, I will make halwa for you. He says we are one, its fine. She says yes, I m angry Imli ruined your birthday. He says there will be many birthdays we celebrate together. He jokes. She says I have to go.

Imli asks Kumud’s parents to tell her about her. Ranvijay threatens them. Imli scolds them. Chakor comes and shouts its time for you to go Sasural, think what will happen if Kumud comes here. Ranvijay and Imli send their men to find Kumud. They leave. Chakor asks villagers to find Kumud before Imli finds her, else Imli will kill her. Chagan says don’t worry, I will send men. Chakor asks Kaki not to worry. Kaki says get my daughter back and cries. Kumud comes to village and hides from Imli’s goons. Chakor sees Kumud and says we can’t call her out. Goon stops the women and asks for water. Chakor manages to send her. Kumud comes home.

Chakor looks for her. Kumud hides. Kasturi says Kumud’s parents are worried. Chakor asks them to pray for Kumud. Suraj calls Chakor and says you didn’t call me. Ranvijay shouts Suraj. Suraj goes to him. Ranvijay breaks things and says I worked hard to find Kumud, Suraj is passing time. Imli says I have sent him to work. Suraj comes and signs Ranvijay is he mad. He says you called me. Ranvijay asks why didn’t you come to find Kumud. Imli says you remember Kumud, whom we have sent, she has come back here, catch her and get her to us.

Chakor says I m feeling scared for Kumud. Suraj hides Kumud. Ranvijay asks Suraj to burn Kumud.