Udaan 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj Proves His Loyalty

The Episode starts with Ranvijay getting a call. Imli asks him did he leave a spy, she doesn’t like these games. He says I don’t like your interference. They argue. He says I got informed about Suraj romancing Chakor, if this is true, you won’t stop me from killing him, promise. She says Suraj is my loyal slave, if he isn’t loyal, I will give you the gun. He laughs and says Suraj won’t get saved today. Suraj says I won’t become your friend. Chakor asks him to think for the last time. She jumps down in the lake. Imli and Ranvijay come there and look on. Suraj gets shocked. He looks for Chakor.

Ranvijay aims the gun at Suraj. He asks Suraj to go and jump, save his Laila. Suraj stands at the edge and shouts die if you want, I don’t care, I won’t save you. He turns to go. Imli smiles.

Ranvijay gets shocked. Imli asks Ranvijay did he see Suraj, is he satisfied now, if his memory came back, he would have not left Chakor to die, we will see her dying, come. They see Chagan and Pakhi shouting Chakor, where are you. She says I think she didn’t die even today, lets leave before her death blame comes on us. They leave.

Pakhi says Suraj should have saved her, how could he leave. Chagan says he is a pet wolf, he is not Chakor’s husband. Chakor comes out of the river. Chagan asks her to come out first. She says I was fine, I was taking breath by this pipe, where is Suraj. Pakhi says leave him, he doesn’t care for anyone. Chagan says he left you here to die. Chakor says no, this can’t happen. Pakhi says he has become their bandhua now. Chakor says its my love for Suraj, I can’t leave him, my love can never change, if Suraj can recall his past, I will get Suraj back. She wipes her tears and goes. Kasturi dries her hair. She scolds Chakor. She says you tell me next time, I will also jump along. Chakor hugs her and says nothing happened to me. Kasturi says if anything happened then, Suraj lost his memory, don’t have hope. Bhuvan says I will lock her in the room, she can’t do anything, she won’t get such thoughts. Chakor says listen to me, I m doing this to get Suraj back. Chakor convinces him. Kasturi goes.

Ranvijay drinks and gets angry. Imli plays woh hai khafa khafa and romances with him. She asks him to maintain peace, its elections tomorrow. Chagan says I got this phone near the lake, someone called Ranvijay 25 times. Chakor says it means someone is spying on me and informing him. She smiles and says I told you to keep an eye on Ranvijay, if his spy can come here, our spy can also go to the haveli. He says yes, why not, you are smart. She says pray that I win, I will get friendly with Suraj. She comes to Suraj. He cleans his car. She takes some ropes.

He sees her and says you got saved, drama queen. She asks how much weight can this rope handle. He says a lot. She asks will this manage my weight. He says yes, why are you asking me, let me do my work, Imli and Ranvijay are going to come. She says fine, I want some help, I have to make a garland from this rope, encircle its one end, please. He makes a loop and gives her.

Pakhi says you have made the noose so that Chakor dies. Suraj runs to Chakor. He asks her to jump down the cliff and die, he won’t come to save her. Mahiya….plays….