The Episode starts with Suraj thinking of Chakor’s words. Imli stops Ranvijay and says nothing will happen if we kill Chakor, have patience. He doesn’t listen. She says we will hurt Chakor’s dear ones. He asks Suraj… Suraj comes with the pic and asks how is Chakor related to me. Ranvijay slaps him. Imli takes the pic. Ranvijay asks him about the truck. Imli asks Suraj who gave this pic. Suraj says Chakor, I want to know about her. Imli says she is provoking you against us, you have no relation with her. He says but this pic. She scolds him and asks him to leave. He goes.

Ranvijay says Suraj made a big loss for us, you have let him go away. She says have some patience, Chakor will make Suraj against us, he did two mistakes, I will give him punishment in front of everyone. He asks what will

you do. Suraj shoots his arm and falls down. Chakor wakes up and shouts Suraj. She tells Chagan that she had a bad dream. Chagan says Imli and Ranvijay can do anything, I also get worried for Gauri, I won’t be able to do anything. She asks why, remember, person loses when he doesn’t want to fight, you have proved that you want to fight, who has dared to burn that track, you can do a lot to secure Gauri, you can do anything, see what they did with Vivaan, they killed him, see what they did to Suraj, its just you and Pakhi with me, we have to win now. He agrees. She says I m worried for Suraj, I will go and see him, we burnt the truck, but they will punish Suraj. He asks her not to go. She leaves.

Chakor comes to meet Suraj. She looks for him. She goes to her room and cries recalling the past. She takes the sindoor box. FB shows….. Suraj filling sindoor in her maang. Suraj shouts you…. She turns to him. He asks what are you doing here. She says shut up, I came to see if you are fine, answer me, are you fine. He asks her to move off her hand. She laughs. They fall on the bed. Mahiya….plays…. She asks him does he remember, he was very naughty before. She doesn’t let him get up. She kisses him. Mahiya….plays…. Imli comes and gets shocked. Suraj says this girl came here and forcibly…. Chakor says kissed….

She smiles and says I m your wife. Suraj says look at her. Imli shouts enough Suraj, I came here to show you something, see this pic, I m having tea with a minister in this pic. He says good. She says this pic is fake, I didn’t meet this minister, Chakor has played a game and faked your and her pic, she is a liar. Suraj gets angry. Chakor says Imli is lying, I came here to see if they are punishing you. Suraj takes her out. Chakor asks him to listen. Imli smiles.

Chakor talks to the villagers. Pakhi says Chagan said you are worried for Suraj, is he fine, did Imli and Ranvijay punish him. Chakor says no, I think they failed, they know if they do anything to Suraj, I will not leave them. Ranvijay gets Suraj there and publicly announces his punishment. Suraj accepts. They all get shocked.

Suraj beats himself. Chakor shouts. Ranvijay holds her away. She bites his hand and runs to hug Suraj. Mahiya….plays….