Udaan 30th August 2018 Written Update Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vaani scolding Chakor. Chakor says you are blind in your brother’s love, so you can’t see his true face. Anjor looks on. She sneezes. Chakor says Anjor… She turns and asks where are you hiding, come out. Anjor acts casual. Chakor gets upset. Vaani says everyone will laugh on you, just write an apology and I will free you. Anjor goes and prays for Chakor. She sees Gumaan’s car and hides. She says where is he going, is he going to trouble Chakor. She stops a man and asks him to give lift. She gets on the van. Udaan hai….plays….

Vaani asks what are you thinking, just write an apology and get free. Chakor tears the paper. Vaani gets shocked. Gumaan comes there. He mocks Chakor and laughs. He taunts her that Chakor is unlucky, she comes first in all races

but she didn’t win over her fate, she was fav of everyone, now nobody wants to see her faces, she was insulted and thrown out of Aazaadgunj seven years before, what happened, didn’t she get enough that she came here to get insulted again. He laughs and reminds how Suraj stained her with blames. Chakor slaps him.

Anjor prays and says do something for Chakor, I will give you my roti for 7 days, just save Chakor. Kasturi prays at home. NGO women come and ask for Chakor. Kasturi asks them to leave, Chakor was also with truth and is facing this, they shouldn’t face this. The girl says we won’t leave you alone in this problem, how can we go.

Anjor asks Kaki how long does it take for prayer to get answered. Kaki says don’t know, I prayed that my cow gets a child, but its six years now and it didn’t happen. Anjor asks Lord to answer her prayers soon else Chakor will grow old in jail. She sees Imli going and gets glad. She runs after Imli’s car. Chakor says this slap was to remind you your limits, whatever Suraj did with me, its our personal matter, nobody has a right to talk between us, you have no right to talk in my life, I can’t see anyone’s child getting hurt, I can never lose my child, a mother raises a child and teaches him to live, a mother can never hurt her child, why will you understand this, you have no emotions in you. She cries. Anjor asks Imli to stop the car.

Chakor says I m still burning in that blame fire, Suraj blamed me and went away by siding his pain, who gave you a right to call me a murderer, if you try to blame me next time, I won’t spare you. Gumaan stares at her. Chakor says I didn’t wish to come to Aazaadgunj, what did Aazaadgunj give me except pain and sorrow, Saanvi was my life, my bad fate got me here, Anjor changed her statement, it doesn’t mean that you kidnapped Anjor and was sending her away, the man accepted hat he works for you and he kidnapped Anjor on your saying, this proves the truth. She asks inspector to know this, Gumaan can doing illegal thing with Anjor. Vaani says we all know laws, don’t try to teach us, how dare you blame my brother. Gumaan says let it be, I will explain her my way. He asks inspector to explain Chakor.

Inspector says yes, Chakor didn’t do right by slapping Gumaan. He arrests Chakor. Anjor stops Imli. Imli asks what happened, why were you running after me. Anjor says Chakor is arrested, you do good with everyone, help me, my dad did this. Imli says I didn’t know this, come with me, I will talk to Keshu. Anjor goes with her and says I have prayed to Lord, and Lord has sent you to help me. Imli smiles and thinks I will show you my Leela. Chakor is tied up in the lockup.

Gumaan says I want to see the action, let the people come in, who will save Chakor now. Chakor says these people will teach you a lesson. Villagers oppose Gumaan.