Episode starts with Ranvijay asking Suraj to beat himself. Chakor asks Suraj not to do this. Ranvijay holds her. He asks Suraj to punish himself. Suraj starts beating himself. Chakor and everyone get shocked. She asks Suraj to stop it. She bites Ranvijay’s hand and runs to hug Suraj. Ranvijay asks Chakor to get back, else she will get beaten up. He asks Suraj to beat himself and her. Suraj gets shocked. Everyone worries. Chakor says don’t do this, I will not leave you alone, I can’t see this. Suraj asks her to move back. She says no, beat me along, I will also bear this torture.

Ranvijay asks them to see, Suraj became a traitor because of a girl. He asks Suraj to listen to him. Suraj beats himself. Chakor bears the pain. Ranvijay laughs. Everyone looks on and cries. Guards pull Chakor away.

Suraj beats himself. Chakor shouts and cries.

Its night, Kasturi applies lep to Chakor’s wounds. Chakor cries. She says they are attacking my soul now. Kasturi asks what was the need to save Suraj. Chakor says that wound was on my soul, not Suraj’s body, who else would save Suraj, he is my husband. Kasturi says what husband, I explained you he has changed, he would have not beaten you. Chakor says he had stopped, don’t say this, he would be in pain, don’t know where is he. Mahiya……plays…..

Suraj thinks of Chakor and cries. She pours water on his wounds. He screams and goes. Chakor says who will apply ointment to Suraj’s wounds. Kasturi gets angry and says why don’t you understand, Suraj changed, he is not same Suraj who loved you a lot, he is Imli’s bandhua, promise me you won’t go to him.

Kasturi says he is dead for you. Chakor asks her to stop it, Suraj will always be her husband. She says I lost everything after coming back, I can’t lose my love. She looks out and sees Suraj. She smiles and takes the lep from Kasturi. She runs out to Suraj. Kasturi prays for them. Chakor sees Suraj’s wounds. She asks him to come along, she will apply ointment to him. He refuses. She says you are saying this, not your heart, you would have not come to me. He says no. He stumbles. She holds him. She asks him not to get adamant. She applies the lep to his wounds. She cries. He asks her why is she crying. She says you are hurt, but I m getting the pain, do you remember, I told you once that I won’t care for your wound. FB shows Suraj acting to get hurt.

Chakor cares for his wound. He starts laughing. She cries and asks don’t you have pain. He says its fake wound. She beats him and says you have joked. He says I had to see how much you love me. She asks is this any way to see love. She beats him. She says I won’t heal your wounds next time. He says you will always heal my wounds by your love. Mahiya….plays…. She nods and hugs him. FB ends.

Chakor says you said it right, I can bear much pain, but not your pain. She cares for him. She asks him to sleep now. She makes him rest. She makes him sleep and sits by his side.

Chakor says we all are united now. She trains the villagers. She says this unity is our sign. Imli says I will make Chakor away from the villagers.