The Episode starts with Pakhi calling Suraj a stone for not understanding anything. She goes. Chakor asks Suraj what will he do if she doesn’t move off Imli’s way. Suraj sees her. He says I will kill you as Imli wants, but I… She says you want to say you don’t want to kill me. He holds her angrily. He says nothing happens by my wish, I have no love and feelings, I will kill you. She holds him and says your feelings ended, but I have feelings for you, you get hurt and I feel the pain, you stumble and I try to support, my happiness is linked to you, I name all my happiness to you. He asks why. She says I love you a lot, I believe you are my world, just look into my eyes once, maybe our love gets awakened. Mahiya…..plays….

He gets away and says no, I have no feelings and love.

She says don’t say this, if you didn’t had heart, you would have not stopped the truck that day, you would have not come to my house, your heart has love, so you can’t kill me, this is your worry. He asks her to leave. She cries and stops. She sees him stepping on her dress. She recalls the past moment. The cloth gets torn. She says all this says the same thing, that we are made for each other.

She asks him to keep the cloth with him, he will remember everything. She says don’t roam like this, take care, you may catch cold and I will have to make you drink kada. She goes. He sees the cloth. The villagers cry and talk. They all want warm clothes. Imli comes and says no kid will die of cold till I m here. She gets warm clothes for them. She says I m ready to give this, but you have to agree to my condition, you have to become loyal to me, you will never support Chakor. Kasturi says we don’t agree. Imli instigates the women. Chakor comes. Imli says these people won’t help you now. Chakor says you come to conclusions soon. The lady refuses to take help from Imli. The ladies scold Imli and burn the warm clothes.

Chakor says these people will fight for their freedom themselves. Imli looks on. Imli goes haveli. She thinks of the happening. She throws away the tea. Tea falls on the maid. Maid goes. Ranvijay comes and asks Imli what’s happening, you don’t vent out anger where you should, you have lost. She gets angry and says they have burnt my gift, I will burn their houses, they have dared to go against me. She calls Suraj. Suraj comes. She asks Suraj to burn the village houses as they have insulted her.

Everyone comes to the haveli and chant Chakor’s name as their leader. Imli and Ranvijay get shocked seeing Chakor. Chakor smiles.

Chakor scolds Imli and says I fight for my village’s justice, prosperity and well being.