Imli shouts at the villagers that she is the leader, not Chakor. Chakor goes inside to speak to her. Chakor, Ranvijay and Sooraj come downstairs. Imli says there is no one to compete her in the village, but Chakor challenge that Imli will lose the elections this time. Imli laughs as there is no one to compete her, but Chakor asks her to watch the television. The news show the villagers burn Imli’s puppet. Imli says dwellers of Azadganj don’t have courage to go against her. Chakor says the dark reign of Imli has come to an end. She will fight for the justice of her Azadganj and get it freed. Every child of Azadganj will get a chance to fly. The villagers suggested her to fight the elections this time and she has agreed to them. Their enmity is one step ahead from today. She shows her the fist as her election

mark; this will ruin the reign of her injustices and cruelty. Imli calmly joins her hands to Chakor as she turns to leave. Ranvijay says he wanted to finish Chakor the day she entered the village. Imli speaks to Chakor that she will enjoy the elections this time. Chakor says Imli must cry as much as she wish for right now, because later she will find a corner to cry. People will now decide whom to choose. She invites Imli for a celebration in their village for her willingness to fight the elections. Chakor says she wish to see the same fear in her eyes during the celebrations as well. After Chakor has left, Imli says the villagers couldn’t change their own fate, how can their alter the fate of Azadganj.
Sooraj gets a call and assures he has placed the explosive material in the van and will play the remote himself. Some men come to gather Sooraj holding wooden rods in hands. They demand their belongings back and go to open the van. Sooraj fights them back alone. Two men indulge Sooraj and two turn to flee with the luggage. Chakor stops their way and asks what they are doing. The men say their families need this medicine, its really important for them. Chakor shouts that no one will touch these medicines, she promised to get them government medicines. The men were not ready to listen to Chakor, she hits them with wooden rods. Sooraj also gets himself freed and fights the men. Later, Chakor playfully looks towards Sooraj.
Ranvijay was beating his back with a hunter. Imli stops him, but Ranvijay says he must have sent his men with her. Chakor won’t have got the video. Imli stops him from hurting himself, and asks to remove his shirt. She swears to all the bruises that she will bring double of these injuries to Chakor by evening. Ranvijay says the fire in her eyes cools his soul down. He now foresee what Imli has to show tonight. Imli asks him to wait a little more.
Chakor helps Sooraj load boxes in the truck. She climbs up. Sooraj says she hates his masters, then why helped her? Chakor says she did this for him, else they must have punished him again. She can’t see him hurt. Sooraj tells Chakor he has always been loyal to his masters and will always be. Chakor slips over Sooraj pinning him to the side of truck. She says he can be loyal to his masters, but he can’t stop her from being loyal to him. They will see who wins.

PRECAP: Chakor dances in the celebrations. Ranvijay and Imli arrive in a car and announce a new form of celebrations. Imli announces Sooraj will be Dravashal and Chakor will play Dravati in this.