Udann 15th January 2018 Written Episode and Update

Udann 15th January 2018 Written Episode and Update twchannels.com

The Episode starts with Suraj thinking what’s happening, why can’t I remember Chakor. Imli does the puja and thinks of Chakor. He recalls Kasturi’s words and leaves the puja. Pandit says shuddikaran didn’t complete. She calls it over. She says I can see everything clearly now. Ranvijay asks what do you mean. She asks where is Suraj. The lights in haveli flicker. Suraj is called. She asks Suraj to kill Chakor. He gets shocked. Chakor sees Suraj’s pic and gets sad. Mahiya…plays…. Imli asks Suraj not to make any mistake this time, if Chakor gets saved, she will contest in elections, if villagers know Chakor is missing, everyone will find her.

Ranvijay holds Suraj’s neck and asks him is he understanding this or not, they want Chakor dead. Suraj nods. He goes. Imli says I wanted

to play with Chakor’s life, but I can’t do anything if she got fed up, I will celebrate Makar Sankranti well.

Chakor says I never lost hope, whatever you did with me, I didn’t have belief in any hope, Sankranti is coming, there will be new harvest, new hopes and happiness, I feel our relations will get a new phase, don’t know how it will be. Mahiya……plays…..

its morning, Chakor gets ready and comes for the puja. Imli comes to the village. Chakor sees her. She scolds Imli. She says our relations ended, like that of Kauravas and Pandavas. She asks Imli not to call her Didi again. Imli says I wanted to call you Didi, maybe I don’t get a chance again.

Chakor says I will not leave my mission, I will free bandhuas, I will stay here in front of you. Imli thinks you have to go, I have come here for this task. Imli says you just care for your Suraj, who is my bandhua, what will you do without Suraj, your life will be ruined. Chakor gets shocked. Ranvijay sees Imli smiling and asks the reason for her smile. She says you know what’s going on in my heart, why did you gift this necklace. He says you are killing my biggest enemy, the woman who had sent me to jail, just tell me one thing, what is your plan.

She says planning can be made, intentions should be clean, I will ruin the villagers’ happiness, Suraj will kidnap Chakor. He says right, but there is one problem, Chakor is angry with Suraj. She says its very easy, a wife can’t be annoyed with her husband, if Chakor gets trapped, she will not get saved.

Kasturi and everyone make food. Kid says there are many kites flying in the sky, I also want a kite. The man says the thread can cut your hand. Kaka says we can’t buy a kite for our kids. Chakor comes and says this can’t happen, we will make kites on our own, we will do Suryadev puja and then fly kites. Kasturi says yes, we will do puja first, the day is very auspicious, Suraj Devta will fulfill our wishes. Chakor gets sad and thinks of Imli’s words. They all pray to get rid of bandhuagiri. Imli is on the way. She smiles. Chakor thinks I have made Suraj out of my mind, but my heart doesn’t agree, protect him Lord. Imli talks to Ranvijay on phone and asks him to reach to village soon, they will be seeing Laila and Majnu’s drama, Chakor will die, it means we will win both ways. He laughs. She says Chakor will die soon.

Imli says Bhuvan will hold my Charki, Suraj will hold Chakor’s Charki. Suraj cares for Chakor’s wound. Mahiya….plays…. Suraj thinks of Imli’s words.