Woh Apna Sa 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun And Jia Both Hurt


Scene 1
Jia opens bagwat geeta and finds clues by Nisha there, first one says to keep bhagwat geeta in its place. Jia says Kaki and Baba both used to read it, I should keep it in Kaki’s room. She goes to Kaki’s room and finds another clue, clue says you will find your keys on wall, Jia finds keys there and takes it.

Arjun takes gun and points at inspector, he says I wouldnt have done this but my family is in trouble, dont come behind me, I will comeback, he turns to leave but is stunned.

Jia brings key to Nisha and says now tell me where Kaki is. Nisha says this is the key where we keep old things and cut out new things. Jia thinks about it.

Another inspector comes infront of Arjun and points gun at him, he asks Arjun to go back to hi cell, Arjun starts going.


brings Jia to a small house and says keys are for this lock, Jia says Kaki is here? Jia tries to open the lock with keys but Nisha says you can only use one key,you have to guess the right key from the lot and try to open it, its your one chance to save Kaki. Jia says I have faith in Kaki’s prayers. Jia looks at lock and keys, Jia thinks lock is of steel and there is only one steel key, she uses it to open the lock and it opens. Jia comes in the house, its all dark there, Jia looks around and calls out for Kaki. Nisha comes there and turns on lights. Jia says where is Kaki? if anything happens with Kaki then I wont spare you. Nisha says nobody is bad than me, you can save Kaki if you solve this clue, now comes your real test, she shows a box to Jia. Nisha says these are dry ice shoes, you have to wear them and then search for Kaki. She shows her dry ice shoes. Jia looks on.

Chirag is locked in store room, he drinks water and suddenly starts coughing, foam comes out of his mouth and he falls down.

Jia wears dry ice shoes, she winces with burning. Nisha sits in her car and says follow me, Jia slowly moves with her car. Nisha says move faster otherwise Kaki.. Jia cries with burning and falls down. Nisha shows her Kaki tied. Jia starts walking with dry ice shoes again. Nisha comes out of car and points gun at her, she shows her another house. Jia opens its lock with keys and comes inside. She finds Kaki tied to chair, she runs to her. Kaki is dizzy and says water. Jia finds bottle and gives her water. Hot liquid is hanging over Kaki’s head. Jia takes off her ice shoes, her feet are red. Kaki says Chirag.. Jia says where is he? Nisha comes there and says enough drama. Jia says you wont be spared. Nisha says even your feet are injured, how will you find them? time has ended for the game. Jia says where is Arjun and Chirag? Chirag is your son. Nisha says I have given poisonous water to Chirag, if anything happens to him then Samar’s property which he gave to Chirag will be fine, Jia says you still care about property? Nisha says you care about Arjun and Chirag.

Police is beating Arjun in jail and says how dare you try to run from jail? Arjun says my family is in trouble sir.

Nisha says to Jia that I like to see you all weak and begging to me. She says take Kaki with you to home so you can find Chirag and Arjun. Jia says we have to take Kaki to hospital, Nisha says if you want to save Arjun and Chirag then come. Jia thinks Nisha wont tell me about them, I have to do something.

Arjun says to inspector that I heard Jia’s scream, there is something wrong. Inspector beats him and says if you try to fool police again then you will rot here for life.

Chirag is unconscious in store room, he coughs and wakes up.

Nisha says to Jia that if you kiss my feet then I will take you to Arjun and Chirag.. she points gun at Kaki who is unconscious and asks Jia to kiss her feet. Jia sits on her knees infront of Jia. Jia sees stick and rope there, she takes it and hits Nisha with stick, she strangles Nisha with rope and says I want to kill you right now but I have to find about Arjun and Chirag, tell me where are they? Nisha shakes her head,Jia strangles her more and says I will kill you, speak up. Nisha points at door and gives her key. Jia says come with me. Nisha thinks that if I take her near door then she will know someone is there. Nisha hits at ladder, ladder is about to fall over Kaki.. Jia runs to Kaki and pushes her out of the way. Nisha thinks that if Kaki wakes up then she will tell where Chirag is and Arjun is not kidnapped by me, I have to do something about this Jia. Nisha takes gun and says you have gone mad with tiredness Jia, she hits Jia with stick, Jia faints, Nisha looks on.

Jia wakes up and finds herself in room. She says Kaki? what if Nisha does something with her? I dont know about Chirag and Arjun too.. she gets sad thinking about Arjun.
Arjun lies injured in his jail cell, he tries to get up but is too beaten up by the police, he recalls his moments with Jia, their bittersweet fights, Jia confessing her love for him.. humari adhuri kahani plays. Arjun recalls how he heard Jia screaming when he called home, he prays for his family’s protection.
Jia says Arjun where are you? dont know where Nisha kept you. jia hears some noise, she says Kaki? she tries to open the door but its locked, she shouts Nisha open the door. Nisha is sitting outside the room with Kaki tied. Nisha says this girl doesn shut up. She comes in Jia’s room and asks her to shut up, she asks her to tie cloth on her mouth, Jia does. Nisha takes tape to tie her hands and puts cloth around her mouth. Kaki silently comes behind Nisha with stick and hits her hard on head, Jia is stunned as Nisha bleeds on head and she faints, Jia takes off cloth from mouth and says Kaki.. Kaki hugs her and cries, Kaki asks if her feet is right? Kaki says I was watching you from store room. Jia asks where is Chirag? Kaki faints, Jia looks up and sees Nisha looking at her, flashback shows when Kaki was hugging Jia, Nisha injected her so she couldnt tell Jia about Chirag. Flashback ends. Nisha points gun at Jia.

PRECAP- Jia is in jewelry shop, she calls Nisha and says whats my new clue?
Nisha says you have to steal a ring from the show,
thats your last clue, she ends call. Jia throws all rings box and says sorry to seller, she hides and steals one ring, seller sees it.