Woh Apna Sa 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Jia Saves Her Family

Scene 1
Arjun jumps out of ambulance, he sees police jeep coming behind, he runs from there.

Jia brings money bag to Nisha, Nisha says good job. Jia says I never did such cheap thing in my life, I robbed people because of you, she is in tears. She points gun at Nisha and says give me clue. Nisha gives her. Clue is ‘if money is yours then you will go to heaven otherwise to hell’. Nisha says you have only 10 minutes to save Arjun and Chirag, you should just give up and bow to me. Jia cuts black wire and says I knew you would keep black wire in the end, Nisha says your family is in Jindal house, she shows her mirror, Jia recalls how there is a big mirror in lounge of house, family being kidnapped behind it, she runs. Nisha thinks she might save Chirag but court will punish Arjun.


comes to house, she breaks mirror and comes in store room behind it, she gives water to Chirag and makes wake up, he coughs, Jia brings water for him more, she asks where is Arjun? Chirag says Arjun is not here, Jia says where is he then?

Arjun runs from police and comes to mandir, he dresses as priest.
Nisha’s man calls her and says Arjun ranaway, he is hiding in mandir, Nisha says kill him.

Kaki comes home, she has Nisha’s message. Jia reads message that says ‘reaching Arjun can be done through me, which thing is closest to me in this house?’. Jia looks on.

Arjun dresses as priest and comes to mandir, all priests greet him and asks him to do the pooja. Arjun sees police near and sits in pooja and hides his face.

Jia comes to Nisha’s room and looks around. Nisha is watching her through video phone. Nisha says to Jia that there are perfume bottle in my room, you have to pour them on yourself, one is acid, you can smell them and have to pour it, you have to do it as Arjun is kidnapped by me. Jia tries to choose the bottle but Kaki throws them away and says Nisha can be lying, maybe Arjun is not with her. Nisha is angry to see it.

Arjun asks all priests to close eyes and do the pooja, they do it. Arjun sees police near mandir. Police doesnt see him and leaves from there. Arjun says to priests that pooja ends, he starts leaving. Nisha’s goons are searching for Arjun too. Arjun starts leaving mandir but Nisha’s goons come there. Arjun says its useless to fight, lets run and catch, he dodge them, hits them with bells and pillars, he starts to leave but Nisha comes there and hits him with rod on head, he falls down. Nisha pours some liquid on his face, he says Adi ended here too. Arjun says your end has come around. Nisha tries to beat him but Arjun strangles her and asks her goons to leave. Arjun says you have given my family so much pain, ask your goons to leave my family, he takes Nisha from there.

Door bell rings. Jia opens door and sees Nisha pointing gun at her. Nisha says Arjun was never kidnapped by me, Arjun was rotting in jail, he took your blame on himself and said he killed Baba and get him arrested, you know where Arjun is now? She shows her news that Arjun ranaway from jail, she says now he is in my jail. Flashback shows Arjun trying to take Nisha but Nisha made him smell chloroform and he fainted. Flashback ends. Nisha says now to save Arjun, Jia you have to play a game.Jia hits her and throws her gun, Chirag ties her, Nisha says no one will tell you about Arjun, Jia slaps her and says even death couldnt separate us, I will find Arjun but first I will deal with you.

PRECAP- Jia says to Nisha that you like to drink wine? you will drink wine for last time as it has poison and there is no antidote to it, she forcefully makes Nisha drink poisoned wine,
Nisha coughs and faints.