Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest news

Currently the show is witnessing a serious drama where Adi is trapped in Roshni’s plan and Raman and Ishita are faced with a terrible challenge to save Pihu from Simmi’s murder allegations.

We hear that the drama will intensify further when the viewers will learn that the real Aditya Bhalla has been kidnapped during Bhalla’s London trip and the Adi that we are are currently is seeing is actually an imposter staying with the Bhallas.

We know this gossip is absolutely shocking for all the loyal fans of YHM but if rumors are to be believed then the Adi currently staying with the Bhallas is a criminal who has been hired by Suraj. During the London track it was seen that Romi and Adi got dragged down into a mysterious diamond controversy and Adi got a weird tattoo on his back that said ‘I love bad girls’.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein to recreate epic scene from Mother India



In the coming episodes it would seen that Roshni (Vidisha Srivastava) doesn’t want to spoil Adi’s married life and hence she takes a decision to marry Shantanu. Thus Adi ( Abhisekh Verma) will forcefully get in Roshni’s house. Adi has gone completely crazy in Roshni’s love. Roshni has become his quest. Therefore her wedding news will shatter and break Adi.

Adi will soon turn into psycho lover. In the upcoming episode Adi will be furious and decide to ruin Roshini’s marriage. As he believes if she cannot be his so cannot be of anyone else. Adi has thought of an evil plan. He decides to throw acid on Roshni’s face to destroy her beauty. Thus ruining  her chance to marry any boy.

Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will get to know about his criminal activity. She will try to stop him, but Adi has lost psychological stability of his mind. It becomes impossible to stop him or make him understand at that point.

So Ishita with a heavy heart will shoot him to stop Adi from committing a crime. The track is quite similar to Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, when Tulsi shot her son Ansh.

Will Adi die? or will he survive? It is heard that after this whole drama, the show will take an eight month leap. Ishita will be jailed for shooting Adi.