Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Shagun taking Mani’s name. Ishita and Aaliya smile. Doctor asks how many children do you have. Aaliya comes to Shagun. Shagun identifies her. Aaliya smiles. Doctor signs Aaliya. Shagun says Ishita you… where is Adi. Ishita says he is coming. Doctor asks what’s your last memory. Shagun says it was raining heavily, some two people were fighting, shouting. She thinks of Mani. She asks where is Mani, why did he not come. Doctor says relax. Shagun holds her head. Ishita asks Aaliya and Ishita to go out. Ishita and Aaliya come out. Adi asks what did Shagun say. Ruhi says what did Shagun remember. Ishita says she did not recall everything.

Doctor comes and says like I said, one thing is clear that Shagun’s entire memory did not come back, she does not remember murder related thing, the way she asked about Mani, she does not know about him, her mental state is fragile, we have to handle her carefully, we should not tell her about Mani’s death, she can’t handle it. Aaliya says how does she not know this. Doctor asks them to wait. Aaliya says we have to wait for her to recall everything, the murderer is roaming free. Ishita says her memory is coming back, I m very sure she will recall things. Ruhi says I think we should celebrate Rakshabandhan well to show everything is normal to Shagun. Ishita says yes, we want happiness, lie about Mani, I will go to Raman.

Mihika and Ruhi come to Ms. Bhalla. Mihika talks to Mrs. Bhalla. They receive a parcel from Simmi. They see the rakhis. Mihika says she wrote she will come home soon. Mrs. Bhalla says all three kids are away from family. Mihika says all our problems will end soon, you stop crying now, get back to work. Ishita comes and says sorry, I took time to get ready. Mrs. Bhalla says you go and be with Shagun, manage there, I will manage work. Ishita asks about Amma. Amma makes sweets. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla miss each other.

Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla not to feel bad of Amma’s words. Mrs. Bhalla says Amma will come and talk to me on own, give fruits to Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla sends sweets for Amma. Ruhi says you are very cute. Amma says I will send sweets to her, she forgot to send kheer to me, I will also forget her. A lady comes and says I want to meet building secretary, I want to take flat on rent. Amma asks her to take number from society office. The lady goes and collides with Ruhi. Ruhi gets irked. She sees the lady’s watch fallen there. She goes after the lady to give the watch.

The lady goes and talks to some other lady. Ruhi sees the other lady and says I have seen her with Mani. The ladies leave in the car. Ruhi says what’s happening, I have to tell Ishimaa. Riya comes there and greets Ruhi. She says sorry, I came early, I have come for Rakhi celebrations. Ruhi asks her to come. Riya says sorry to come without appointment. Riya asks what, you don’t need any appointment to meet your friend, anyway you look much cute, you can come home anytime. Ruhi thinks Riya’s house has everything formal, I m glad Riya is coming out of the cage being with Pihu.

Pihu welcomes Riya. Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita compliment Riya. Riya says Pihu talks about her Ishimaa a lot. Ishita asks Pihu to take Riya with her. She asks where is Adi. Guard stops Ashok. Ashok bribes him. Guard says no, you can’t go. Adi stops Ashok and thinks of Ishita’s words.

Shagun says I m trying to contact Mani, he is not reachable, where is he. Everyone looks on.