Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ashok saying I won’t go without meeting Shagun. Adi says you came here to see if her memory came back. Ruhi gets Amma home and asks her to feed sweets to Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita asks them not to fight. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla feed sweets to each other. Everyone claps. They all smile. Shagun says Ishita, I m contacting Mani, he is not reachable, where is he. Everyone worries. Ashok says I m going inside. Adi says I think I have to call inspector Vijay, he asked you to stay away from mom. Shagun says Mani is busy in work, but he should call me once, I was in hospital. Aaliya says even I couldn’t talk to her. Ashok says you want to see how much I love her. He shouts Shagun come out. Shagun asks did anyone say Shagun, it looks Shagun’s voice. Adi calls police. Ashok leaves.

Ishita stops Shagun. Adi comes home. Ishita says I know Raman and Mani took a project, Ashok got much loss, so he is shouting and creating a drama. Adi says yes. Shagun says why was he shouting my name. Ishita says he is mad, come.

Ruhi and Pihu tie rakhi and do aarti of Adi and Shravan. Ruhi feeds them sweets. Everyone smiles. Adi says Ruhi, I will also tie a rakhi to you. He ties rakhi to Ruhi. Ishita and everyone smile. Pihu and Riya talk. Pihu asks Riya to tie rakhi to Adi and Shravan. Ruhi says I will help you. Riya ties rakhi to Adi and Shravan, and feeds them sweets. Pihu gifts Adi. Adi asks Ruhi what did she get. Adi likes the card. Adi asks Ruhi to learn something. Ruhi says I got a present for you, I kept it in Amma’s house. He goes out and says I m mad, I forgot to buy gift for Adi, I can’t go out. She sees a bouquet and says who kept this here, there is no note in this, its my lucky day, its Lord’s sign to give this to Adi. She takes bouquet for Adi. Adi says its not mine, she is giving someone’s gift to me.

Adi and Ruhi have a cushion fight. Ruhi asks Shagun to see if there is any name. She gets a note and smiles. She checks note and gets shocked. Ishita asks Shagun what happened, what’s in note. Shagun says its written, keep your mouth shut else I will kill you as I killed your husband Mani. They all get shocked. Shagun recalls Mani and cries. She shouts Mani is dead, why did anyone not tell me anything. She holds her head and faints. Everyone attends her.

Shagun cries. Aaliya hugs her. Ishita says we will call your doctor. Shagun says no, I can see everything clearly, as if I have awakened from a deep sleep. Aaliya asks her who killed Mani, who was it. Shagun thinks and says I have killed Mani. They get shocked. Shagun says Mani was attacking on Ruhi, i tried much to stop him, I did this accidentally.

FB shows Shagun stepping on a knife. She sees Mani attacking Ruhi. Ruhi faints. Shagun asks Mani what is he doing, why is he beating Ruhi, how did Ruhi faint, what happened. He says its all fine. She says nothing is fine, just stop it. She shouts for help. Mani shuts her mouth. Shagun asks what’s wrong with you. Shagun slaps her. She tries to run and picks the knife. She hits him with knife and runs inside room. She shuts the door. Mani asks her to open the door. FB ends. Shagun cries. Ishita asks what else did you see that night, why do you think you killed Mani, its not possible. She asks Neela to get her purse. She says Shagun you did not kill Mani, see this pic, you clicked this, you told this to me during hypnotherapy session, who is he, recall what happened, what did you see. Shagun gets thinking. Everyone looks on.

Ishita addresses media and says Shagun Bhalla got her memory, she slipped in amnesia again, doctor said she is in trauma, but she told me killer’s name. Raman looks on. Reporter asks who is it. Ishita says I can’t tell you killer name, I just want two days, I will reveal the killer name