Ruhi and Mrs.Bhalla hugging Raman. Raman greets everyone. Pihu hugs him and says I missed you a lot. Raman says even I missed you a lot. He sees Shagun crying and goes to her. Shagun says Mani is no more, he has left us. Raman says everything will get fine, none could stop this. She cries and goes. He stops Aaliya and says Ishita will manage her. Shagun says I can’t believe this, maybe i deserve this. Ishita says what’s your mistake. Shagun says Mani is no more, why does this happen. Ishita pacifies her. She says Raman got bail, but till the murderer is caught, the blame won’t get off his head, we have to find Mani’s murderer for our husbands, this time is not to shed tears, this time is to get justice for Raman and Mani, I can’t fight alone, I need you. Shagun nods. Ishita says thanks, just be strong.

Ishita comes to Raman. He asks is Shagun fine. She says I made her sleep with difficulty, she has seen her husband’s death, how is this possible. He asks what. She says Mani, its all jumbled up, Ruhi has seen him with some woman, he is my childhood friend, I stayed with him in Australia for seven years, he is a decent man, he was married to Shagun, he can’t do this, this does not match up to him. Raman says Ruhi won’t lie to us. She says yes, so its disturbing to me, Shagun has also seen Mani ill treating Ruhi, can’t we call police and get that woman’s background check. Raman says if Mani had an affair with that mystery woman, maybe her husband killed Mani. She says yes, I hope that news reached killer. He says yes, even your life is in danger till he gets caught.

Its morning, Someone checks the newspaper and burns it. Ashok checks the news and throws the tea cup. He says what’s happening, Ishita spoiled my plan again, she saved Raman, she is saying Shagun lost her memory again, it means I can marry her, fine I will play your game your way, Shagun is still Bhallas Samdhan, I will enter your home and know truth.

Shagun waits for Ishita. Ruhi and Adi get Ishita’s stuff from Iyer house. Ishita asks why did you do this, you don’t remember, we have to keep things like before, Shagun has to wear old clothes. Mihika says Ishita told press that Shagun lost her memory. Ishita says we have to be careful, killer would be watching us, Shagun sorry you have to come in old clothes, this acting is necessary to catch killer, please for Mani’s sake. Shagun nods. Ishita asks Adi and Ruhi to keep things back. Mrs. Bhalla says I told you to ask Ishita once before doing this. Shagun says why is Ashok calling me. Ishita says I knew he will call after reading newspaper.

Ishita asks her to talk to Ashok with love, but remember he is a donkey. Shagun answers call and talks to him. Ashok says I worry for you and want to see you. Shagun asks do you want to come here. He says yes, I want to meet you. She says fine, my head is aching, so go back soon. He says okay, I want to see if you are fine, see you then. He ends call and says I have to come to know if Ishita is saying true or lying. Ishita asks Shagun to take her old look. Shagun goes. Ishita sees Mrs and Mr. Bhalla and says sorry. She asks Neelu to tell watchman to allow Ashok.

Nikhil comes and asks for Ruhi. Neelu says she is at Iyer house. Nikhil greets Amma and Mrs. Bhalla and asks for Ruhi. Everyone smiles seeing him. Nikhil says what happened to everyone, they are behaving so strange. He meets Ruhi and asks did you say anything about me to family and neighbors, since I entered here, everyone is staring at me. Ruhi says no, I understand, come in, we will talk. He says tell me. She smiles and says I just want to say you are responsible for all this. He asks what did you do. She asks did you see yourself in mirror before leaving from home. He asks what. She shows his shirt worn wrong. He laughs. He says this is latest trend, its called styling. Amma and Ruhi ask him to change.

Adi asks why did you come back. Ashok says I came to meet Shagun, you can’t separate us. Adi says mom is resting. Shagun comes and says who are you to stop him, he is my fiance, just get out of here. She takes Ashok along. Adi smiles. Ashok asks Shagun to see what all he got for her. Shagun asks Neelu to make strong coffee. Raman, Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla look on. Ashok thinks she has become old dangerous Shagun. He says I made many plans for honeymoon, but we did not marry. She says I feel sad, I m frustrated by medicines. Ashok massages her head. Mrs. Bhalla says Shagun should make him massage his leg too. Ashok says I booked Switzerland tickets too. Shagun says let me recover, my legs are also aching. Ashok massages her legs. Mrs. Bhalla says its right time for my entry. Ishita says be careful. Mrs. Bhalla says just see my drama. She goes and scolds Ashok.

Shagun says you can’t talk to Ashok like this. Neelu gets coffee and drops on Ashok’s leg. Shagun asks what did you do. Mrs. Bhalla says you should have dropped it on his face. Shagun says so sorry, I think you should leave, my head is aching, I will sleep. Ashok says fine, take care, I love you. He goes. Raman and Ishita laugh seeing this. Ishita says mummy ji’s acting is amazing. Shagun says I can’t tolerate him, he was trying to come close. Ishita says bear him till killer comes out. Raman says Ashok doesn’t matter to me, killer knows just you know his name and will tell everyone, your life can have danger, you have to be very careful. Killer gives supari to goon and gives Ishita’s pic.

Precap: The goon as patient meets Ishita at her clinic and tries to kill her. Ishita writes medicines for his tooth pain.