Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Ruhi starts investigating looking for a clue while Adi also asks the security if anyone came looking for Ishita . The Bhalla House gets call for Ishita but they hang up after it’s a promotional call. Just then, Ishita says that she has to go to the clinic. Everyone asks her to not go but she insists on going because she is oversmart. While they are arguing about it, someone knocks on their door. Raman  goes to answer it and is surprised. Raman then introduces the guy, Bhushan, as Ishita’s bodyguard. He insists that him and the bodyguard will always be with her. She hesitantly agrees. Ruhi and Adi go to enquire about a flat and a woman who came to enquire about it.

They convince the flat owner to give them the woman’s number and Ruhi tells Adi that she is sure she saw the woman with Mani. Adi asks her to not tell Raman or Ishita about their secret investigation because even they are oversmart. Ishita complaints about walking around with a bodyguard. On reaching the hospital, Ishita finds out that not a child but a grown up man came in with toothache. Ishita stops Bhushan from entering her clinic and asks him to wait outside. Meanwhile, the killer is sitting inside in a different disguise as Ishita asks him about his tooth history. Ruhi and Adi are trying to get in touch with Priya, the woman whose number they got from the flat owner. 

Adi calls Priya, who turns out to be an escort, and they decide to meet at Blue Heaven. Ishita starts treating the guy and tells him how horrible his teeth are. The guy tries to take something out of his pocket to attack Ishita. He takes out a wire and rolls it on his palm to strangulate Ishita but she fails to notice. While she is busy entering his details on the laptop, the man gets up to attack her but stops when Raman enters the clinic.

Ishita tries to protest but Raman refuses to budge. Raman overhears a woman screaming outside and leaves the room to see what’s going on. The killer seizes the opportunity to try and kill her. Raman goes to meet the woman who insists on meeting Ishita urgently. The killer walks in slow motion and stands behind Ishita to attack her. Just then, Raman enters the clinic and asks her to come outside urgently. Ishita follows him outside. The woman tells Ishita that she is the widow of the security guard who was killed. She tells Ishita that her husband left a letter for her and the package will be delivered to her tomorrow.

The killer overhears their conversation and calls Ashok to tell him that Ishita will be going to meet the security guy’s wife the next day and they can kill her then. Pihu tells Riya that they are celebrating Janmashtami in a grand manner and invites her over. Riya keeps sending Pihu pictures of her father from a magazine cover. Pihu tells her that the picture is of a model who has done a lot of TV commercials also. Pihu asks her for more details since she never spoke of her father before. Riya loses her cool at Pihu for asking too many questions and not trusting her.

Adi and Ruhi are leaving as Raman Ishita stops them to discuss their plan. Raman Ishita tell the entire family their plan and about the woman they met at the hospital. Mihika goes to get the janmashtami prasad for everyone. Adi and Ruhi make an excuse and leave.