Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17 August 2017 full episode written update: Ashok sedates Shagun

Ruhi takes Pihu to Riya’s house to make peace between them, where Riya tells her that she got irritated when Pihu caught her lie. Pihu says sorry to her and Ruhi asks her why did she lie. She says she had no other option as Pihu tells her so much about her father and she knows nothing about hers and whenever she asks her mom about her father she scolds her. She says Pihu is so lucky because she has her mom, dad and grand parents too and she is so lonely. Ruhi assures her that she’ll make her meet her father and Riya asks Pihu to come to her room. Riya’s Nanny thanks Ruhi and says she isn’t that bad but they have strict instructions to not come close to Riya.

She tells Ruhi that her previous nanny lost her job because she asked Riya about her father and she was there since Riya’s birth. Ruhi asks if she has the previous nanny’s address and she gives her and Ruhi gets that it is the same basti where Raman and Ishita have gone to meet Banwari’s wife, Ruhi says she will take Pihu along, but Riya’s Nanny asks her to not worry as she’ll drop her home.

There Ashok shows fake concern for Shagun and makes her drink water in which he had added drugs. Shagun faints and Ashok says now she won’t be conscious to stop him from marrying her. He thinks of a way to fool Santoshi and Mr Bhalla and then calls his assistant and asks him to create some scene in the compound and arrange for a cab for him at the back gate. The assistant does the same and Mr Bhalla and Santoshi go down to know the matter as he asks them to vacate the building, meanwhile Ashok ties up Neelu and Shagun.

There Ishita and Raman go to Banwari’s house to find it all messed and look for his wife but can’t find her. They decide to look for her outside but Banwari’s wife who is tied up in the kitchen pushes a pan which makes Ishita and Raman look there and untie her. They ask her who did this and about the proof and she tells them that a man with moustache and brown muffler beat her and she hid the proof in a haandi. They all go out to look for it and get to know that the haandi has been hung and a special toli will come and bring it down.

Raman gets a call from Aadi and he tells him about the evidence that it is in the haandi and killer overhears their conversation. He calls the man who appointed him to kill Ishita and asks him to double the contract amount for the evidence and to kill Ishita and he agrees. Ruhi too reaches the basti and looks out for nanny and finds that she no more lives there. Ruhi thinks of calling Raman but sees him there and reaches out to them. Raman and Ishita ask her what she is doing there and she says it’s a long story and asks them if they got the evidence. Raman says it is in the haandi and a specialist will bring it down and they are on their way, when Aadi comes there running and says they won’t come. Raman asks why did he leave Shagun alone and he tells them that he got a call from office and Shagun and Mr Bhalla forced him to go. Raman asks him why the toli won’t come and Aadi says the way they are coming from had an accident and it’s fully jammed up there.