Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Ishita. She couldn’t understand why Yug hasn’t returned. She plans to sneak out. She makes an excuse and enters the washroom.
Yug is miffed to see Raman with some other person. He bashes Raman on call and leaves.
Yug reached back and discovered that Ishita has escaped. They all start searching Ishita.
Here, Ishita is calling for help. Luckily, Shagun is wandering in the same neighborhood. Shagun hears Ishita’s voice.
Yug finds Ishita calling someone for help. He abducts her and takes her back to the room.
Shagun calls Raman and narrates the incident. Raman, Bala, and Shagun start looking for Ishita.
Here, Ranveer gets worried. He, again and again, calls at Rohan.
Rohan understands that something is wrong. He somehow calls and makes them wait. Furious yug takes Rohan’s name in front of Ishita.
Precap: Raman, Shagun, and Bala reach to the location where Ranveer has abducted Ishita. Ranveer and friends take off. Raman finds Ishita.