Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Ishita trying to find out whether Aliya has feelings for Rohan or not. Ishita asks her that if Aliya likes Rohan. Aliya replied in some weird feelings. She is confused.
Raman talks with Ishita about Sudha’s evil nature. Sudha is completely after money and fame.
Shagun talks with Yug as Yug offers her the deal. Shagun is lost in Adi’s memories. She sees Adi in him. She gets really sensitive whenever Yug is around her.
However, Pihu says sorry to Raman and Ishita because she didn’t tell them about PTM. Ishita seems to love her in every condition.
Bala takes a decision to let Rohan live in his house. Raman and Ishita get worried if Sudha again makes drama, it’s not a good thing for their family’s dignity.
However, Rohan makes them believe in him. Bala consoles Raman. Sudha is worried about Rohan as she doesn’t know his location.
After a while, Sudha meets Rohan and shouts on him. Rohan makes her understand that she is being so cruel for his life decisions. Rohan didn’t listen Sudha.
Precap: Sudha meets Raman.