Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th April 2018 Written Episode , Written Update

The current episode starts with Kiran cries and justifies to Bala that she didn’t know anything about Sonakshi Gupta and she doesn’t know why Raman and Ishita reacted so much. Kiran cries Bala consoles her suddenly Kiran gets Neha’s mail.

Kiran makes an excuse and goes out while Bala tells her that he will wait for her.

Roshni heels Adi’s wound that they come close Roshni moves back, Adi goes, here Mani tells Aaliya that he will not spare Adi if they will find Adi with Roshni.

Kiran meets Neha where she shouts on Neha why she called her here, Neha asks if she is mailing her from Raman’s company.

Kiran confesses and bursts on Neha that suddenly Raman and Ishita come saying they wanted to catch her red hand.

Aarushi comes and slaps Kiran she throttles her saying her sister Sonakshi died because of her.

Kiran gets shocked learning Sonakshi was Aarushi’s twin sister. Aarushi cries and is broken down she tells that how Sonakshi suicided in London because of her.

Ishita questions Kiran how she could do this how she can cheat her family, Raman also questions Kiran that suddenly Police comes to arrest Kiran.

Raman and Ishita talk to Aarushi where till then they stop Police from arresting Kiran.

Madhvi calls to the house owner she tells Madhvi that Roshni husband got injured, Madhvi gets tensed and says everything Mani overhears and gets shocked he walks off in anger to meet Adi.

Aaliya gets tensed learning mani went to meet Adi,

Kiran gets arrested as Aarushi tells Raman and Ishita that she will get Kiran arrested as they caught her red handed.

Raman and Ishita try to confess Aarushi that they need to investigate whole matter maybe someone else is behind this, Aarushi refuses and gets her arrested.

Kiran got arrested

Kiran asks Raman and Ishita to inform her husband as she needs her husband not them,

Madhvi calls Mihika to seek her help from saving Adi but suddenly Bala comes and questions about Kiran, they all go down to find Kiran that Raman and Ishita come.

Raman and Ishita tell Bala that Kiran is in Police custody, Bala shouts on Raman and Ishita and stands Ishita and Raman responsible for the same. Raman and Ishita try to tell Bala that Aarushi got Kiran arrested as he believes that because of Kiran her sister Sonakshi committed suicide, Bala shouts on Raman and throttles him that Raman tells he will get her out from jail, Bala says that he will himself get her wife out from jail, Mrs Iyer questions Ishita she didn’t do good with them.


Ishita asks Raman how Kiran can run this huge racket, Raman says maybe anyone is also involved with her. There Kiran calls someone from Police station she asks him to get her out from jail otherwise she will open her mouth.