Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi shocked to learn Nikhil-Priya-Riya’s familial relation Upcoming Story

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is no doubt a centre of mysteries where one mystery opens after another with making its viewers hooked to the show.

And our brilliant couple Raman and Ishita is viewers beloved as every mystery is solved through Ishita and Raman’s unity which resembles a good example of family.

In the upcoming episode another mystery of Riya’s father will make viewers hook because this has some secret connection with Bhalla family.

Ruhi digs out Riya’s father mystery

Further in the track to come Ruhi has promised to bring Riya’s father back to Riya…

While Riya is waiting for her father, Ruhi is trying her level best effort to find Riya’s father.

It will be seen that Ruhi will unfold this mystery on Riya’s birthday in Riya’s grand birthday celebration party.

In between Ruhi will get shocked when Ruhi will find Riya and Nikhil’s familial connection.

But what is this familial connection… is Nikhil being Riya’s father?

Is Nikhil Priya’s husband?

It would be very exciting to watch this upcoming mysterious storyline.

Stay tuned for more upcoming updates.