The Episode starts with balloon bursting. Kartik sees Naira. Naira slips and holds the tree branch. He shouts Naira, keep holding. She says sorry, I could not take risk to lose rings, I have hurt your feelings and leg. He says I m coming. She says no, your leg is hurt, just catch me. He says look at the stones, I m coming. Dadi asks where are Kartik and Naira. Kartik climbs the tree. Naira tries to hold his hand. They hold hands and fall down in a net held by family members. Everyone asks them what’s happening. Manish and Naitik scold them.

Naksh says what were you doing on tree when havan was going on. Naira says its not my mistake, ask Kartik. Kartik says yes, what, did you ask me before going to climb tree. She says you have added ring in balloon. He says you should have asked my help. She says would you agree and come home, what would I do. Everyone laughs. Ananya says they are very cute. Yash says how romantic, they did not care for lives for ring. Akhilesh says what romantic, if anything happened…. Kartik says I got the rings today. Ananya says I understood, they want to do engagement again, how cute. They nod.

Ananya asks shall we get their engagement done again. Kirti says of course. Ananya says give rings. Suwarna says we got these rings there. Kartik says yes, its those rings. He smiles. Everyone showers flowers. Kartik and Naira exchange rings. They all clap. Naira and Kartik hold hands and say I love you. Dadi smiles. Surekha says its Kirti’s hand, Naira interfered. Dadi says its good to see Kartik’s engagement again. Surekha says yes, but its Kirti’s day, she should get all attention. Kirti says sometimes good happens without planning, I m happy that they got engaged. Naksh says yes, what can be better moment. Suwarna asks Dadi to give ring.

Dadi thinks and says I left ring in puja house, how could I do such a big mistake. Manish asks what happened. Dadi says that ring…. Naira shows the ring and says its here, have it Dadi. Dadi asks how did you have this. Naira says I called home to ask about chandan packets, I got to know about this and got it here. Dadi asks why did you not tell me. Kartik says you would have got worried, that’s why. Dadi says yes, I should have given this responsibility to Naira. Naira says everyone does mistakes. Dadi asks her to keep ring with her. Naira says nothing wrong will happen in this marriage.

Rajshri says its small rasam, Naksh and Kirti will do it. Dadi says Kirti is yours now. Devyaani says they have to write each other’s name. Rajshri says by getting blindfold, one who has clear pic of lover in heart, the alphabets also come clear and dark. Naira says its cute. Kartik says you did not tell us. Rajshri says I saw this in relative’s marriage. Kartik and Naira say they want to do it too. Naksh and Kirti ask them to do it. Surekha signs Dadi.

Kartik and Naira write their names in the plates. They write perfectly. Everyone claps. Yeh rishta……plays…..Naksh and Kirti’s turn comes next. They write each other’s name. Rajshri says Kartik and Naira understand each other well and their love is strong, but Naksh and Kirti’s love will get stronger too. They all tell about Naksh and Kirti’s arranged marriage like Naitik and Akshara. Naitik blesses them. Dadi says engagement will happen after 11 mins.

Naira sees puja plate. Aditya looks on. Naira turns and asks waiter who was here. Waiter says there is no one here. Naira sees Aditya in mirror and worries. Kartik asks her to come. Kartik romances. She asks him to stop it, and let her work. He says who will tell girl’s family how to treat groom’s family. She sings Aaj hai sagai….. and dances. Everyone dances. Naksh and Kirti too dance with everyone. Naira sees Aditya coming with a bouquet. She worries. She walks ahead and table having ring boxes kept, falls down. Kartik asks her what happened, is she hurt. Naira says Aditya….. They all see Aditya and get shocked. Kirti starts shaking. Naksh holds her.

Kartik beats Aditya and says how dare you come in Kirti’s engagement. Naitik says leave him Kartik. Rajshri asks Naira to stop Kartik. Naira stops Kartik. Naksh scolds Aditya and asks why don’t you let Kirti stay in peace. A man comes and asks what are you doing, do you know him. Naira says we know him. Kartik says he was spoiling our function. The man says Sir bought this place, he called press conference, he was going to meet board of directors, and you have beaten him so badly.

Dadi asks them to get rings fast and give them, its just 30 secs for mahurat. Naksh and Kirti worry.